cR SonicFox Retakes His Throne

Tonight marks another step closer to the halfway point of the Kombat Cup! With two players holding championship belts from this amazing league, we were excited to bear witness to a clash of champions, and we were NOT disappointed! Now, we bring to you the final results for Week 5!

First match featured the unveiling of newcomer TheSirTommyGun, who would face Panda Global’s Scar. TommyGun immediately got to work implementing Dragon Naginata’s air mobility in an effort to fluster Scar, but he would not be fazed and would take a quick first win. In response, TommyGun changes to his Pyromancer variation. The fights begin to pick up in intensity as Scar struggles to defend against this mix-up barrage of lows, cancelled overheads and dark shrouds, with the third option posing a severe threat as it increases the damage of Pyromancer’s fireballs, whether it be on hit or block. However, TommyGun’s haste in escaping on wake-up catches up to him, and Scar emerges victorious with a 3-0 win!

GTG Semiij, Kombat Cup Week 4’s returning champion, opens with Ethereal Mileena against HZRD KevoDaMan’s Buzzsaw Kung Lao. The best way to describe this match would be like that of a roller coaster: you start the slow climb to the top, and when you get there, you abruptly drop towards the Earth. KevoDaMan’s success rate with combo conversions teetered back and forth between successful and unsuccessful, but his comeback factor goes a long way in pulling out a clutch win against Semiij to tie the set 1-1. Semiij instantly responds with his own Smoke to win out a battle that reeked of mobility and spacing, although Semiij displays a preference towards cashing out his damage instead of the vortex that Scar opts for. Down to his last legs, Kevo pulls out his Brawler Cassie Cage. While his anti-airs and air-to-air conversions worked out quite well for him, Semiij took advantage of Kevo’s failure to capitalize on his damage in order to seal his defeat. Semiij takes it 3-1 over Kevo!

With Slayer’s extended absence from competitive play, the audience was unsure of what to expect, but the fiery YOMI warrior brought more than his A-game against Noble BeyondToxin. Although Kung Jin’s overhead had suffered a slowdown from the last patch, Slayer continually opens Toxin up with it and his backsteps into B1 whiff punishes. Toxin’s resources remain plentiful with the repeated use of his EX Push and he’s more than willing to meet Slayer’s high mobility with his own. After going up one game, Toxin clutches it out with risky teleports after his F4 overhead, essentially giving his opponent a taste of his own medicine. Toxin’s reliance on armor finally fails him as Slayer begins cancelling his pokes into his own armored specials, thereby winning all of the exchanges. Slayer takes it 3-2, becoming Yomi Gaming’s shining star in the Kombat Cup!

Due to FullAuto’s inability to show up for the quarterfinals, cR SonicFox advances straight to semifinals to take on his longtime rival, PG Scar, in a match-up that would beckon the return of the Cyber Initiative: Sektor vs. Smoke! The set starts with convincing beginnings on behalf of Scar, but his decision to challenge Sonic’s homing missile with an EX Teleport gives SonicFox not only the first game, but strong momentum going into games 2 and 3. Scar fought valiantly to regain control, utilizing his teleport after various blockstrings to bait reactions from the opponent, but Sonic keeps it up-close and personal to smother out Scar’s chances of victory. With a 3-0 win under his belt, the young fox makes a quick return to Grand Finals!

For the second half of semifinals, YOMI Slayer squares off against GTG Semiij. Slayer’s confidence oozes from his relentless rushdown, but Semiij quickly uses his EX Fade to send the message that he would not be bullied after a knockdown. With uncertainty sinking into his conscience, Slayer slows his offense down to scout the teleport, but in doing so, this gives Semiij the opening he needs to devastate life bars with approximate 50% meterless corner combos, much to the audience’s amazement! The shining star of Yomi goes down 0-3 against Semiij, setting the stage for the anticipated clash of champions!

A majority of Semiij’s movement stems from his use of Mileena’s fade special. As the game starts, Semiij immediately tries to retreat from Cassie’s B1 range, but SonicFox calls out his teleports and pounces upon him with a myriad of overheads and command grabs. After a quick first game, Semiij changes over to Mileena’s Ravenous variation and begins abusing his sais in order to control the fox’s aggression. Crucial whiff punishes begin to leave scratches on the fox, and before the crowd knows it, Semiij goes up 2-1 against the fox! This development apparently awakens an angry side of the EVO champion, who goes on to win the fourth game without taking any damage other than blockstrings! Semiij tries to pick himself back up, only for a whiffed pounce to cause his undoing as Sonic responds with a crushing X-ray. Sonic closes out Grand Finals with a resounding 3-2 victory, proving that a cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal! (props to those who get the reference)

Congratulations to cR SonicFox for winning Kombat Cup’s fifth weekly bracket in order to retake his throne! But with how this Grand Finals went, we highly doubt that this is the last we’ll see of GTG Semiij!


Tournament Placings

1st – cR SonicFox
Tournament Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – GTG Semiij
Tournament Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – YOMI Slayer
Tournament Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – PG Scar
Tournament Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – TheSirTommyGun
Tournament Prizes: 50 league points

5th – HZRD KevoDaMan
Tournament Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Noble BeyondToxin
Tournament Prizes: 50 league points

5th – EXiLE FullAuto
Tournament Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


PG Scar (Smoke): 3 vs. TheSirTommyGun (Dragon Naginata Tanya and Pyromancer Tanya): 0

GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena and Smoke): 3 vs. HZRD KevoDaMan (Buzzsaw Kung Lao and Brawler Cassie Cage): 1

YOMI Slayer (Shaolin Kung Jin): 3 vs. Noble BeyondToxin (Mystic Ermac): 2

(Note: Due to FullAuto’s absence, cR SonicFox advances by default)


cR SonicFox (Sektor): 3 vs. PG Scar (Smoke): 0

YOMI Slayer (Kung Jin): 0 vs. GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3

Grand Finals

cR SonicFox (Brawler Cassie Cage): 3 vs. GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 2

Now that we’ve reached this bracket’s conclusion, we’d like to remind the MKXL players that there will be no Konquest bracket tomorrow, due to Thanksgiving. Enjoy this well-deserved rest from the grueling competition! We hope you enjoy lots of turkey or whatever foods you plan to devour tomorrow, as well as any trips you might embark on. 🙂

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Thanks go out to Mr Aquaman and FGC Echo! We always enjoy their quality broadcasts and are eager to see more this Sunday, when the Kombat Cup returns for its sixth week! We hope you will join us as well!

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