cR SonicFox wins Kombat Cup Week #3!

The Kombat Cup enters its third weekly finals with another fascinating mixture of returning faces and upcoming champions! With SonicFox sitting comfortably at a two-week win streak for the league, would a new champion be crowned tonight or would he continue his rampage?

EXILE Tweedy, having made his first Top 8 by defeating JagoBlake in last Sunday’s Top 16 finals, goes into his first match to deliver on a call-out he made to SonicFox! Tweedy would be the catalyst for Possessed Kenshi’s debut in a Kombat Cup finals, whereas Sonic would bring out his infamous horror icon, Unstoppable Jason. Tweedy fought hard to utilize the benefit of his buffed ex overhead attack for its insane hitbox and two hits of armor, but Sonic would not be kept at bay no matter what obstacles he had to smash through. In the end, Tweedy had no answer for his opponent, and so he found himself eliminated 0-3 in the quarterfinals.

After narrowly failing to make Top 8 in the first week, we would see Shinobi Retrotech make his entrance in tonight’s Top 8 using not his Kitana, but her warped twin…Piercing Mileena. His performance suffered somewhat due to numerous drops in his combos and punishes, but he began dissecting the holes in RM Cossner’s offense to turn the tides back into his favor. However, a crucial failure to anti-air awarded Cossner his first win. In the second game, Cossner allowed his opponent no opportunity to breathe, leading to his second win and thereby prompting RetroTech to fall back to his Kitana. The first round came down to a time-out where Retro ALMOST succeeded in a miraculous comeback, but fell just a pixel short before the timer hit zero. Cossner takes advantage of the blow to his opponent’s morale, winning 3-0 against RetroTech!

Originally a Ferra/Torr specialist, cR Biohazard has completely defected to the Black Dragon as he introduces his Cutthroat Kano to Dragon’s Bone Shaper Shinnok. The battle takes on many forms, ranging from seemingly wild or coordinated reads to a zoning war so heated that it would leave m2Dave feeling green from envy. Dragon’s impressive streak of reads against his opponent allow him to gain the upper hand, but Biohazard’s strong damage output and footsie tools do their work in evening up the playing field. Sadly for Biohazard, his determination to counter-poke Shinnok would be crushed by the gap-less D4 – Hell Sparks. The tournament sees its third 3-0 conclusion for the night with Dragon coming out on top!

Scar, with his second Top 8 appearance in the Kombat Cup, is driven to redeem himself for his recent setbacks. His challenge for tonight is none other than Semiij, who’d previously defeated him in last week’s Konquest bracket to become the two-time Konquest champion. Unfortunately for Scar, he gets off to a rocky start as he fails to capitalize on his sharp reads, whereas Semiij constantly netted between 30% and 40%, sometimes even half a life bar, off of all his d1 anti-airs, air-to-airs and corner combos! However, Scar defies the statistics to claim victory in Game 1! In answer to this, Semiij challenges Scar to a Smoke mirror match, a gamble that comes incredibly close to success due to Scar’s unusual streak of hesitation in the third round. Just when it seemed like Semiij would take the win, Scar finally cracks and throws out an EX teleport…to the younger kombatant’s detriment. Scar would proceed to capitalize on Semiij’s incorrect spacing against his B2 smoke strings in Game 3, cementing his 3-0 victory as well as claiming revenge for his downfall last week!

Having acquired the championship belt in so many MKXL tournaments, SonicFox is naturally within everyone’s crosshairs, including RM Cossner’s Sektor. Making the switch to Hollywood Cassie, Sonic commands an incredible amount of space, forcing Cossner to adopt a hit-and-run approach with his missile zoning and set-ups. The first game quickly goes to Sonic, but the fox’s viciousness is brought to a screeching halt in Game 2, during which Cossner preys upon his opponent’s recklessness to produce highly damaging combos. While this victory brought the streak of 3-0 victories to an end, it certainly did not slow down the fox. Before the audience’s astonished eyes, his offense becomes so consistent that Cossner finds himself unable to recover from just that one opening. One final five-hit blockstring in the fourth game proves lethal for the red cyborg, and Sonic comes out on top 3-1 to advance to Grand Finals!

The semifinals comes to its second half with Dragon and Scar fiending for that second spot in Grand Finals. Instead of Shinnok, Dragon trusts his fate to his Royal Storm Kitana as he takes on Scar’s Smoke in a very footsie-oriented battle. Scar tries to utilize his air mobility and his teleport-within-blockstring tactics to keep Dragon from getting any space, only to be greeted with very punishing combos for his effort. As Dragon goes up two games, Scar decides to make this a cat-fight…by going Covert Ops Sonya. While primarily a Demolition specialist, his knowledge of Covert Ops becomes apparent as he quickly coordinates one mix-up after another, to widen the hole in Dragon’s defense. Scar makes an impressive call-out by punishing Dragon’s use of the interactable-float cancel with a delayed D2, only to find his options quickly diminishing. Dragon’s zoning wears down the SCR champion to the point of exhaustion, and eventually, defeat.

The stage would be set for a repeat of the Week 1 Grand Finals, as for the third time in the Kombat Cup, SonicFox and Dragon step into the ring for yet another struggle over the trophy. The ongoing trend of Sonic’s introduction of different characters for every tournament set is continued by the champ’s decision to give Sektor a second chance at glory. Despite the match-up disadvantage, Dragon comes charging into the first game with the force of a bulldozer, yet his momentum quickly falters as Sonic creates opening after opening with some impressive spacing on his ranged normals. Not one to be outdone, Dragon evens the score at one win apiece. In Game 4, Sonic assumed full-screen control with what appeared to be an inescapable set-up using an EX Missile, but not only did Dragon get a crucial block, he narrowly escaped death by chip with an amazing backwards jump attack that catches SonicFox’s hasty advance! This turnaround caused uncertainty for SonicFox’s fanbase, but not for the fox himself, who responds with a near-perfect round in Game 5 even after Dragon somehow jumps over an EX Flamethrower wake-up without taking any damage! The second round proves to be much closer, but Dragon finds himself only chip damage away from health and mashes a blockstring in a desperate effort to come back…only to eat one final Flamethrower that incinerates his dreams into oblivion.

Congratulations to cR SonicFox for becoming the three-time Kombat Cup champion! Is there no end to his savagery?!


Tournament Results

1st Place: cR SonicFox
Tournament Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd Place: Dragon
Tournament Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th Place: RM Cossner
Tournament Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th Place: PG Scar
Tournament Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th Place: EXILE Tweedy
Tournament Prizes: 50 league points

5th Place: Shinobi RetroTech
Tournament Prizes: 50 league points

5th Place: cR Biohazard
Tournament Prizes: 50 league points

5th Place: Semiij
Tournament Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


cR SonicFox (Unstoppable Jason): 3 vs. EXILE Tweedy (Possessed Kenshi): 0

RM Cossner (Sektor): 3 vs. Shinobi RetroTech (Piercing Mileena and Assassin Kitana): 0

Dragon (Bone Shaper Shinnok): 3 vs. cR Biohazard (Cutthroat Kano): 0

PG Scar (Smoke): 3 vs. Semiij (Ethereal Mileena and Smoke): 0


cR SonicFox (Hollywood Cassie Cage): 3 vs. RM Cossner (Sektor): 1

Dragon (Royal Storm Kitana): 3 vs. PG Scar (Smoke and Covert Ops Sonya Blade): 0

Grand Finals

cR SonicFox (Sektor): 3 vs. Dragon (Royal Storm Kitana): 2

Week 3’s closing indicates the ending of the Kombat Cup’s first quarter. Next Sunday, we’ll be going into Week 4 with high hopes for amazing story-lines among the MKXL competitive community!

In the meantime, if you did not make the Top 4, you’ll be eligible for a redemption bracket in this week’s Konquest Cup! Sign-ups will be open until 6 P.M. EST this Thursday, with the bracket immediately commencing afterwards. Stream will go live once we are down to our last eight kombatants!

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