SonicFox takes the first week of the #KombatCup

The first week of the Kombat Cup has been an amazing success!

The league’s first Sunday bracket started off with an initial count of over three-hundred participants, and the first Top 8 showcased last night introduced a mixture of old and new faces alike. Old storylines would receive more chapters while new legends would be born. Only minutes into the top 8 broadcast and the community quickly found themselves at a loss over who to vote for as each match raged on.

And now, the final results are in!

Before reading this, if you missed out on the action and want to catch up, check out the archive linked below!

The first match would be between SonicFox and Shujinkydink, a match-up that has probably never occurred in tournament history for MKX. In the first two games, Sonic’s Unstoppable Jason made quick work of Dink’s Summoner Quan Chi, forcing the Canadian champion to bust out a secondary that the community had never seen him use: Flame Fist Liu Kang! His counter-pick started to turn the tide in the third match, but ultimately, Sonic put out his fire and sent him home 3-0.

Due to connection issues with newcomer Traphusla101 and Noble iLuusions, their match was postponed and instead we would progress to another highly anticipated match for the night: PG Scar vs YOMI RM JagoBlake (yes, I’m typing in third person). Coming fresh off his win at SoCal Regionals, Scar quickly gained the confidence of the crowd, but that confidence started to falter in the face of JagoBlake’s nigh impenetrable footsie game, a style that was reinforced by his evident time in the lab! Soon, Scar found himself playing his opponent’s game and the two competitors traded blow after blow, stealing game after game, until finally JagoBlake seized a decisive two-round win in the fifth match, taking the set 3-2!

As the community struggled to recover from the upset that had just occurred, Dragon and Semiij took to the stage with their trademark characters Alien and Mileena. From their gameplay, it was clear that the recent changes via the October patch did nothing to sway their domination. After seeing Dragon take a 2-1 lead, Semiij began discovering the chinks in Dragon’s armor and shut down all his anti-air and counter-poke attempts to extend their battle to another five-game set! Once Semiij claimed a life lead of over 75% in the last round, all hope looked lost for Dragon…but his steely composure shocked the community as he caught back up and baited an EX roll wake-up from his opponent, to win 3-2!

With the connection issues finally resolved, Traphustla101 and Noble iLuusions would be the last Quarterfinals match of the night. Making his debut with Grandmaster Sub-Zero, Traphustla narrowly lost the first game due to a reckless slide after iLuusion’s life-saving breaker. However, the Lin Kuei warrior reasserted his dominance in the second game to tie the set 1-1, prompting young iLuusions to unveil his Ancestral Kung Jin, a variation that had seen little to no time in a bracket. Traphustla found himself caught unawares by the change in iLuusion’s strategy, leading to the failure of his corner game and ultimately his defeat. iLuusions would win the set 3-1 to become the fourth semi-finalist!

Kicking off the semifinals would be Dragon and JagoBlake. Although the two had played in a streamed exhibition prior to this tournament, Dragon’s time in the lab would reap its rewards as he repeatedly fuzzy-guarded JagoBlake’s F2-Takedowns! This development, combined with Dragon’s new strategy of cancelling Royal Storm Kitana’s pokes into her Rising Fan blockstrings, threw JagoBlake completely off-kilter. He kept up his neutral game and struggled to adapt, but Dragon denied him his chance at salvation as he barely edged him out for a time-out win in the second game! He would follow this heartbreak with his third win to take the set 3-0 and advance to Grand Finals!

As we turn to the other side of the semifinals bracket, the community would be in for a treat as Noble iLuusions and SonicFox prepared to square off. After Jason lives up to the name of his variation (Unstoppable), iLuusions responded with a Grandmaster Sub-Zero counter-pick and found himself on set point, poised to eliminate SonicFox! But Sonic responded with his own counter-pick in the form of yet another variation that would make its tournament debut: Lasher Takeda! After narrowly falling short in the fourth game, iLuusions falls back to his Sun God Kotal Kahn, a decision that proves to be costly given his failure to create any openings in Sonic’s defense. Sonic would come out on top 3-2 after barely escaping the loss in Game 4!

After failing to make Grand Finals at SCR, Sonic finds himself on the verge of taking home the big win in the Kombat Cup’s first weekly bracket! Only Dragon would stand in his way, and so the two young prodigies fell into a dance consisting of razor-sharp reads that almost looked choreographed. Using Relentless Jason, Sonic would boldly challenge his opponent’s air game while reminding everyone why his B122 is such a powerful neutral tool…but Dragon would not be denied. He refined his armada of tricks on the fly and capitalized on every conversion possible to drag the Grand Finals on to its final game…but the outcome would be an incredibly sad piece of irony for the young Edenien as he fails to punish Sonic right when his Jason fell asleep from the damage buff! That one crucial drop turned Dragon’s dream of glory into a nightmare, and Sonic would take the Grand Finals set with yet another 3-2 outcome!

Congratulations to Critical Reaction’s SonicFox for winning the Kombat Cup’s first weekly finals through a slew of jaw-dropping recoveries!

Final results

1st – cR SonicFox : $250 and 150 league points
2nd – Dragon : $100 and 125 league points
3rd/4th – YOMI RM JagoBlake : $50 and 75 league points
3rd/4th – Noble iLuusions : $50 and 75 league points
5th – STB Shujinkydink : 50 league points
5th – PG Scar : 50 league points
5th – Traphustla101 : 50 league points
5th – Semiij : 50 league points

Match log
– cR SonicFox (Unstoppable Jason): 3 vs. STB Shujinkydink (Summoner Quan Chi and Flame Fist Liu Kang): 0
– PG Scar (Smoke): 2 vs. YOMI RM JagoBlake (Ninjutsu Scorpion): 3
– Dragon (Tarkatan Alien): 3 vs. Semiij (Ethereal and Ravenous Mileena): 2
– Traphustla101 (Grandmaster Sub-Zero): 1 vs. Noble iLuusions (Sorcerer Quan Chi and Ancestral Kung Jin): 3

– Dragon (Royal Storm Kitana): 3 vs. YOMI RM JagoBlake (Ninjutsu Scorpion): 0
– cR SonicFox (Unstoppable Jason and Lasher Takeda): 3 vs. Noble iLuusions (Sun God Kotal Kahn and Grandmaster Sub-Zero): 2

Grand Finals
– Dragon (Royal Storm Kitana): 2 vs. cR SonicFox (Relentless Jason): 3

If you did not place in the Top 4, you are eligible to participate in the Kombat Cup’s Konquest series! It occurs every Thursday at 8 P.M. EST and doubles as an opportunity to earn more league points, although the benefits are greatly reduced compared to the original Kombat Cup brackets. Entry is for free and you can sign up here –

Please note: you must create a account to enter. You must also be at least seventeen years of age and a citizen living in North America. This tournament is for Playstation 4 only.

Our sincerest thanks go out to Stream.Me for providing us with an amazing tournament experience that we are not likely to forget soon! Thanks also go to Mr Aquaman and Aqueous_Echo for bringing us a high-quality stream with commentary that will bless your ears!

With another eleven weeks to go in the league, there’s plenty of time for you to step up and make your mark!

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