cR SonicFox defends his throne in Kombat Cup Week #2!

Kombat Cup closes out its second week tonight with very decorated results! This Top 8 featured three returning faces versus the rise of five new kombatants, but only one will take home the crown!

If you missed the action,  matches will be uploaded to the Stream.Me YouTube!

cws_x2jwiaa2nyuOur returning champion, cR SonicFox, squares off against oD Atai using his fresh-out-of-the-box Sektor. The match-up deficit quickly becomes apparent as Atai finds himself unable to fend off Sonic’s missile barrage using his reflect, but he manages to snatch his first victory through some quick yet calculated decisions. His victory would be short-lived, however, as Sonic makes a very strong adaptation that renders Atai unable to respond to his control of the entire screen. With no health left and a final homing missile locked on to him, Florida’s Edenien champion is forced to accept his fate as Sonic takes the set 3-1 with a brutality!


cwtf97vwiaay53sDragon, another of the returning kombatants from last week’s Top 8, finds himself withstanding Noble Raptor’s swarm of kunais and whips in the Tarkatan Alien vs. Shirai Ryu Takeda match-up. Raptor demonstrates an excellent show of defense, but Dragon’s F1 eventually cracks through the armor to win him the first game in a nail-biter. The second game ends in a similar fashion where Raptor’s Lasher Takeda takes the fall this time. In a desperate effort, Raptor debuts his Grandmaster Sub-Zero and exploits Alien’s newfound weakness where his B3 normal has an extended hurtbox that puts him at increased risk of getting launched via ice clones. With a 2-1 lead, Dragon responds with his Royal Storm Kitana, and the ensuing match-up is basically a battle between immovable titans as neither player refused to give each other an opening! Tying the set 2-2, Raptor is poised to complete his comeback, but his conviction finally crumbles as a handful of dropped conversions opens the door for Dragon to seize a 3-2 victory!


With the first half of quarterfinals at its conclusion, Noble iLuusions returns this week to take on Circa Destroyer, who rose to fame with his tournament victory at Defend The North 2016 and has continued to add to his collection of scalps. Destroyer and iLuusions spend the first two games trading projectiles with almost none of the trades going in Destroyer’s favor, giving iLuusions the opportunity to snatch his first two wins. Frustrated, Destroyer swaps out his Predator for some armor courtesy of Crystalline Tremor. iLuusions’ composure quickly falls to pieces as he loses a final trade and attempts to jump away after being planted on his back, only for Destroyer to capitalize on his lack of defense to take the third game. In response, iLuusions brings out his Brawler Cassie Cage, a variation that he has amassed a reputation for prior to the October patch. Destroyer becomes discouraged by the threat of the command grabs and tries to pry apart a gap in his opponent’s offense, but iLuusions subjects him to the harsh reality of defeat to advance to the semifinals with a 3-1 win!

Fun fact: all three of our returning faces from last week have found their way back to Top 4, just in time for the last quarterfinals match, which would be between UPG KHTC Acid and GTG SylverRye.

cwtorzhweaakad5For the first two games, SylverRye finds himself unable to mount any sort of momentum against Acid’s Grandmaster Sub-Zero. As Acid takes a quick 2-0 lead, SylverRye takes a leap of faith by switching to Lasher Takeda, a character with a known advantage against his opponent’s toolset. His tornado kick and ranged normals allow Rye to completely disregard the clone in the neutral, and Acid finds himself becoming flustered by his opponent’s increasing momentum. For the second time tonight, we would see a Top 8 set go down to the fifth game, where SylverRye would complete his comeback with an amazing 3-2 win over his adversary, thereby cementing his place in the Top 4!

cwtrm5_wqaahstqFor the first semifinals match, SonicFox and Dragon would experience a runback after their first encounter in last week’s Grand Finals, but we would witness a completely different character match-up…Bone Shaper Shinnok from Dragon and Sektor from SonicFox. It takes Dragon two losses (both of which ended in Brutalities) before he can finally regulate the chaos that is SonicFox’s air mobility and heavy zoning, but not to be deterred, SonicFox changes gears and goes with his Dragon Naginata Tanya. Once again, Dragon finds himself in a rush to feel out this new match-up but is unable to break SonicFox’s space control. With his 3-1 win secured, SonicFox makes his return to Grand Finals to await his final opponent.


cwtvde9xuae-4-zThe second half of semifinals takes it back to the Wu Shi Academy with a Shaolin-style match-up between iLuusion’s Ancestral Kung Jin and Rye’s Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang. The gameplay between the two brings together very effective from both strategies. Rye demonstrates an aptitude for baiting his opponent’s armored reversals and not falling for the Kung Jin classic of a whiffed jump attack into the EX dive-kick, while iLuusions deliberately dances into his effective spacing in order to catch Rye unawares with his array of mix-up options. An incorrect block from iLuusions after a crucial jump-in brings the set to a 2-0 in favor of Rye. As Brawler Cassie Cage makes her return, the threat of her command grabs adds to iLuusion’s relentless pressure with the spacing and block-strings produced from his B1 normal, and they earn him his first win. Not to be outdone, however, SylverRye defers to his Flame Fist variation and completely shuts down his opponent’s offensive game-plan to score a quick 3-1 victory!


The Grand Finals get underway as SylverRye finds himself re-entering a match-up he’d conquered against iLuusions, but Sonic’s finesse makes for a completely different course of events in their conflict. His efforts to zone have little effect on Sonic’s relentless style, and SylverRye quickly goes down to a 0-2 deficit in a fashion similar to that of his match with Acid. But the chaos would begin with a switch to Flame Fist Liu Kang, giving Rye access to a parry that he utilizes so well, it actually instills a sense of hesitation in the fox! Rye clutches the third game with a series of low fireballs and then the fourth with a courageous parry against a meaty command grab! With the threat of elimination now looming over Sonic’s ears, the young prodigy changes to his Hollywood variation for the final game of the night. His failure to close the distance in the first round would boost SylverRye’s morale, but the Fox finally corners his prey and subjects him to mix-up after mix-up, until the last of Rye’s health bar melted away from the screen, marking the end of another historic Grand Finals for the Kombat Cup!


We congratulate cR SonicFox for defending his championship for the second week in a row! Will his streak continue into week 3?! Given the course of the Grand Finals from this week and the one that came before, we are not ruling anything out!

Tournament Placings

1st Place: cR SonicFox
Tournament Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd Place: GTG SylverRye
Tournament Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th Place: Noble iLuusions
Tournament Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th Place: Dragon
Tournament Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th Place: Circa Destroyer, oD Atai, Noble Raptor and UPG/KHTC Acid
Tournament Prizes: 50 league points (each)

Match Log


cR SonicFox (Sektor): 3 vs. oD Atai (Royal Storm Kitana): 1

Dragon (Tarkatan Alien and Royal Storm Kitana): 3 vs. Noble Raptor (Shirai Ryu Takeda, Lasher Takeda and Grandmaster Sub-Zero): 2

Noble iLuusions (Warlock Quan Chi and Brawler Cassie Cage): 3 vs. Circa Destroyer (Hish-Qu-Ten Predator and Crystalline Tremor): 1

UPG KHTC Acid (Grandmaster Sub-Zero): 2 vs. GTG Sylverrye (Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang and Lasher Takeda): 3


cR SonicFox (Sektor and Dragon Naginata Tanya): 3 vs. Dragon (Bone Shaper Shinnok): 1

Noble iLuusions (Ancestral Kung Jin and Brawler Cassie Cage): 1 vs. GTG SylverRye (Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang and Flame Fist Liu Kang): 3

Grand Finals

cR SonicFox (Brawler Cassie Cage and Hollywood Cassie Cage): 3 vs. GTG SylverRye (Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang and Flame Fist Liu Kang): 2

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