Sonic Boom to be the next CPT event in Madrid

This weekend, the Capcom Pro Tour comes to Madrid, where a Capcom-centric event called Sonic Boom will be going down!

All the details can be found in the above link, but for convenience’s sake, we’ll share a summary here.

Sonic Boom will be the EU scene’s first qualifying event for the Capcom Pro Tour this year. It will be held at the La Princesa hotel in Madrid. A selection of classic and modern Street Fighter titles will be featured in their lineup, but Street Fighter V is currently the flagship title for the CPT. Additionally, Guilty Gear XRD Revelator and King of Fighter XIV will be hosted at Sonic Boom. Brackets for singles and team battles will be held for a fraction of the lineup.

For a quick reminder of how the Capcom Pro Tour works, see this article.

A selection of noteworthy Street Fighter V players are expected to fly across the globe to compete at Sonic Boom, including:

  • Afii
  • RB Luffy
  • EG Ricki Ortiz
  • Packz
  • DA ImStillDaDaddy
  • NASR Big Bird
  • MD MisterCrimson
  • Millenium Will2Pac
  • ECHO FOX Justin Wong
  • Mousesports Problem X
  • ZOWIE Oil King
  • Flash
  • Mousesports CCL

Haven’t attended Sonic Boom before? You might watch this trailer from last year to get an idea of what is to come!

The Madrid FGC will definitely be gearing up in preparation for the competition! For more on their events, follow this blog and the links below:

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