Smite Rivals Announced for PC and Mobile

Great news for Smite fans out there. A brand new way to play with your favorite gods and goddesses is coming to PC and mobile. During the Hi-Rez Expo in Atlanta, Smite creators from Hi-Rez Studios unveiled its latest free-to-play title, Smite Rivals.

While not too much is known, as of now, Smite Rivals is a collectable card arena game, which fans will find similar characters and concepts from the company’s popular MOBA, Smite. Players choose a god and associated deck, and face-off against an opponent in real-time battle. This is similar gameplay to another mobile game, Clash Royale, which has two lanes and each side tries to destroy the other castles in real time.

The difference with Smite Rivals, as far as we can tell, is that after picking from one of several god characters,  the cards can be played onto one of three lanes, sending units of varying strengths and attack types toward the enemy’s towers. Once you’ve destroyed your opponent’s tower, it’s then up to the attacking player to destroy their opponent’s god for an immediate victory. The official description of the game gives a little bit more of the decks one can build.

“The Battleground of the Gods is more adorable than ever in SMITE Rivals, a new Collectible Card Arena from the makers of SMITE. Build a deck of Gods, Minions, Structures, and Spells, then bring your cards to life by dragging them into a three-lane battlefield!”

If this seems like a game you would be interested in don’t forget to sign up here, where you could participate in Smite Rival‘s beta. Signing up will get you some cool unlockable’s as well, including, “TONS of content in SMITE such as skins, avatars, and more!”


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