Smash Pros @MikeHazeGaming and @Mr_RSmash signed by @beastcoastgg

Last weekend, a new esports organization made its debut in the competitive scenes for Smash Bros (both Melee and Wii-U). Leading off the new team will be a pair of reputable players, both from different corners of the Smash community – MikeHazeGaming and Mr_RSmash.

This decision came during the final phases of last weekend’s ARMS Saga at the Esports Arena, where RNG Dabuz claimed the victory. Both players will make their debut as representatives for their team at the Mandalay Bay this weekend, where EVO 2017 is scheduled to take place. Mr RSmash specializes in Smash Wii-U while Mike Haze leans towards Melee’s side.

For those wondering, their new sponsor is treating them luxuriously. An example can be seen below.

Quite generous!

Originally from the Netherlands, Mr “Ramin Delshad” RSmash is going strong in competitive Smash 4 at 23 years old. His winnings broke the $10k threshold in the past two years and he’s halfway towards shattering it again this year. He’s no stranger to the World Stage at EVO, having placed second in Smash 4 two years ago. This year, he plans to deliver a stronger result: becoming the EVO World Champion. His feats include first place finishes at Syndicate 2016, Battle Arena Melbourne 8, BEAST 6 and 7, and Dat BlastZone 7. He’s also finished within the Top 3 at prestigious events such as Apex 2015, Super Smash Con and so on.

His partner in crime, MikeHazeGaming, has delivered one impressive result after another in his Melee career, and he continues to do so at the age of 27. Although he did not amass as much earnings as RSmash has, they have seen an improvement last year. His results include second place finishes at Smash Valley V (singles and doubles), Active Gamers and EVO 2009. With Smash hogging quite a portion of the spotlight when it comes to FGC esports, we’re excited to bear witness to his future adventures!

What’s worth noting is that Mike has actually received quite a number of offers from other established organizations during his free agency, but he’s turned down all of them. So how did BeastCoastGG prompt him to make an exception? He goes on to explain why in his Twitter post seen below.

What a team! We wish these two gentlemen the best of luck as they embark on a new journey with Beast Coast! For those who follow the Smash games, we encourage you to follow their Twitter pages to stay updated on their results!

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