Smash 4 Pro @FatalityFalcon signed by @TeamYPOfficial

Team YP announces its return to competitive Smash Wii-U with the signing of the best known Captain Falcon player in the scene – YP FatalityFalcon!

Hailing from Atlanta, Fatality Falcon has dealt out his trademark Falcon Punches to wave after wave of opponents. Two months ago, he took second place at 2GGC Civil War in SoCal’s Esports Arena, losing only to RNG Dabuz’s Olimar. This achievement, coupled with other respectable performances at follow-up events, eventually drew the attention of Team YP.

This is actually not the first time Team YP has set foot in Smash 4. A little over a year ago, they’d signed Bizarro Flame before temporarily stepping away from the game. The energy FatalityFalcon brings to the team reminds them very much of Bizarro, a factor that makes them all the more eager to cross into familiar territory.

With Momocon coming up, FatalityFalcon is ready to represent YP as the world’s best Captain Falcon! Momocon takes place from May 25th – 28th in Georgia and will feature Smash Wii-U for singles and doubles, along with a variety of other fighting games. Additionally, we can expect to see him at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando this June to compete in CEO 2017.

See the pages below to learn more about Momocon and CEO:

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For a glimpse of what is to come, see FatalityFalcon’s Grand Finals match with tournament winner RNG Dabuz.

We congratulate FatalityFalcon for the signing and look forward to the destruction he will bring in competitive Smash 4! For more about Team YP, follow our blog and check out these pages below:

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