Smash 4 Pro @CaptainZack_ has been signed by @Phoenix1gg

Yesterday, pro-level Smash 4 player CaptainZack revealed that he is now signed by an esports organization known as Phoenix1! He’ll be joining his teammate Tweek as a player for Phoenix’s Smash 4 division while Duck takes it back to the classics with Melee.

Hailing from New Orleans, the Smash 4 community regards CaptainZack as the world’s best Bayonetta player. Given the fact that he’s gone toe-to-toe with players such as Nairo, Dabuz (Greninja Saga winner), Larry Lurr and so on, een eliminated them, we’d say it’s a reputation that is well-deserved. With his new partnership with Phoenix, we’ll be looking forward to his increased involvement with competitive Smash 4. He’s also known to be quite the character, as he’s been seen physically performing a handful of his character’s taunts on countless Smash 4 streams.

His list of results is staggering, including a 9th place finish at the 2GGC Greninja Saga, 17th at Momocon 2017, 17th at Royal Flush, 2nd at Glitch 3 and more. Interesting to note is that he’s never finished below Top 32 for singles except during CEO 2016. His consistency serves to add to his threat level.

Once a specialist for the character Peach, he was seen as a top Peach main second only to Samsora and had yet to achieve national recognition. When Bayonetta was added to the roster as DLC, he decided to make the switch given his fondness for the character, a decision that proved to be very profitable. It would be at the 2GGC Abadango Saga that he’d finally leave an impact so noticeable, he hit everybody’s radars as a threat.

For a look at his gameplay, see this playlist regarding the Smash 4 Singles at this year’s Momocon.

Congratulations to CaptainZack for this wonderful opportunity! We wish him well with his journey alongside Phoenix. Make sure to follow this blog and the pages listed below to stay in touch with them.

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