SlenderCashew wins King of the Ring Week #5!

The final weekly bracket for TDB’s King of the Ring mini-series came to a close last Sunday. If you missed out on the broadcast, you can check it out here at Team TDB’s StreamMe page.

SlenderCashew’s Gargos has inflicted a reign of terror upon the competitors for three weeks straight now, and he makes his way back to Winner’s Finals with the goal of adding a fourth win to his streak, except that TDB H0TSH0T (Cinder) begs to differ. A twist is introduced immediately at character select, when Slender opts to use Omen instead of his trademark Gargos. Many eyebrows raise at this decision, but the course of the match melts away the viewers’ skepticism as H0TSH0T appears unable to crack his opponent’s defense in the few times he finds a window to counter-attack. Fortunately, a Counter Breaker swings the momentum in his direction for Game 2, and suddenly Slender is caught being hesitant in his offense. As H0TSH0T ties up the set 101, Slender instantly goes back to his Gargos to take back control of the set. The struggle is a fierce one but Slender clutches it out to inch ahead of his opponent in the set. H0TSH0T begins abusing his pyro bombs as if the Apocalypse is tomorrow, a tactic that proves effective against Slender as it forces him to be cautious about taking to the air whenever a bomb is plastered to his body. With his lack of reversals, he is very vulnerable to the pseudo “pressure” from Cinder’s trailblazers. H0TSH0T shimmies Slender using heavy trailblazers to beat out the throw tech and stack up his Burnout enders to further limit Slender’s options. The set comes down to a final life bar between the two, with Slender’s practically a blazing inferno due to his recklessness. However, his constant backward jumps enable him to minimize the consequences to a degree. Unfortunately for him, he finally gets clipped by a Fireflash and locks out afterwards, leaving him open to a recapture and the set-ending Ultra Combo!

It is extremely rare to see a Grand Finals without either SlenderCashew or ITA Master, but for this final showdown in King of the Ring (or close enough to it, we’ll get to that later), we see the duo duking it out in Loser’s Finals instead! ITA Master (Thunder) practically runs Slender into the ground for a majority of the first game without a care in the world for his lack of reversals. Eventually ITA Master becomes too overzealous and Slender seizes the opportunity to create distance and call in his Rogue Squadron – erm, minions – but even they don’t save their master from suffering his first loss in the set. The tables flip completely in the midpoint of the set, with ITA Master forced to take on the role of the pursuer and getting massacred for his refusal to block the portal punches. The game of cat and mouse costs him two matches, putting him on the brink of elimination. With the pressure climbing, ITA Master decides to re-introduce his pocket Shadow Jago to the competition, a respectable decision given Shadow Jago’s countermeasures to Gargos’s air combat. ITA Master actually catches Slender in the landing recover of his jumpkick and punishes using his Instinct grab! The punish immediately evens up the life bars and Slender finds himself constantly retreating to defend the slight lead he has left, yet the mistake of pressing a button against plus frames costs him the match, tying up the set 2-2. But once again, ITA Master is forced to play it unsafe when closing the distance, and each attempt to do so costs him chunks of health. He sacrifices far too much of his resources to bring the final game down to one last life bar and it ultimately leaves him vulnerable to Slender’s wrath. Slender takes Loser’s Finals 3-2 to survive in the tournament and meet H0TSH0T for a rematch in Grand Finals!

H0TSH0T is completely taken off-guard from how differently SlenderCashew approaches their character match-up. Slender’s increased usage of the Shadow Portal Punches does its part in restricting Cinder’s movement while preventing him from utilizing his bombs, much to H0TSH0T’s aggravation. For being completely unable to get any breathing room, H0TSH0T loses the first Grand Finals set three games straight, causing a bracket reset, but he manages to apply his burnout enders better in the next set to get his mindset straight again. The match becomes more of a chase with both players constantly switching up the roles of cat and mouse. Eventually H0TSH0T becomes too intimidated to poke out of Gargos’s blockstrings, leaving him open to the shadow command grabs that guarantee minion summons if Slender has another bar stocked. H0TSH0T is left with no choice but to rely on trailblazers to stay in Slender’s face. It’s a literal tug o’ war with both players trading wins back and forth, until SlenderCashew finally edges him out to take the second Grand Finals match 3-2!

Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: HW SlenderCashew
Winnings: $100 and 75 league points

2nd Place: TDB H0TSH0T
Winnings: $50 and 50 league points

3rd Place: AL ITA Master411
Winnings: $30 and 25 league points

4th Place: TDB Fang
Winnings: $20 and 10 league points

5th Place: MBA Banemobius
Winnings: 5 league points

5th Place: TG Coopstar
Winnings: 5 league points

7th Place: TDB boubou
Winnings: 5 league points

7th Place: CWOTC
Winnings: 5 league points

Match Log

Loser’s Bracket

MBA Banemobius (Eyedol): 2 vs. TDB boubou (Gargos): 1

TDB Fang (Shadow Jago): 2 vs. CWOTC (Gargos): 0

Winner’s Quarterfinals

TDB H0TSH0T (Cinder): 2 vs. TG Coopstar (Jago and Eyedol): 0

AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 1 vs. SlenderCashew (Gargos): 2

Loser’s Quarterfinals

MBA Banemobius (Eyedol): 0 vs. AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 2

TG Coopstar (Jago): 0 vs. TDB Fang (Shadow Jago): 2

Loser’s Semifinals

AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 2 vs. TDB Fang (Shadow Jago): 0

Winner’s Finals

TDB H0TSH0T (Cinder): 3 vs. HW SlenderCashew (Omen and Gargos): 2

Loser’s Finals

SlenderCashew (Gargos): 3 vs. AL ITA Master411 (Thunder and Shadow Jago): 2

Grand Finals Set 1

SlenderCashew (Gargos): 3 vs. TDB H0TSH0T (Cinder): 0

Grand Finals Set 2

SlenderCashew (Gargos): 3 vs. TDB H0TSH0T (Cinder): 2

We came within an inch of seeing a new King of the Ring champion right before the finale, but SlenderCashew keeps his streak alive for the final week of the mini-series! Congratulations to him for such a commendable adjustment against H0TSH0T. This victory gives him the label of the biggest threat going into the Season Finale.

Speaking of the finale, the closing of Week 5 finalizes the league rankings for King of the Ring, determining the eight players who will be moving on to the finale. See the graphic below and give a round of applause to our top eight qualifiers!

Congratulations to our Top 8! They will return for a double elimination bracket to be played on June 11th. A couple details to be aware of for the finale:

  • a $500 pot bonus has been provided by StreamMe and will be split across the upper half of the Top 8.
  • due to KI4Life’s departure from Team TDB, all broadcasts regarding King of the Ring have been relocated to TDB’s Stream.Me page. We ask you to follow it so you won’t miss out on the finale when it happens.

Stay tuned for a fully detailed post on what to expect from King of the Ring’s Season Finale! From all of us at Team TDB and StreamMe, thanks to everybody who participated and tuned in to support the series! Thanks also go out to TDB H0TSH0T for double-tasking with commentary and gameplay.

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