SlenderCashew wins King of the Ring Week #4!

Last weekend, the European KI community stepped into the ring for their fourth bracket in the King of the Ring mini-series, brought to you by StreamMe and The Dutch Brawlers. We have the results for Week 4 ready to share with you!

If you’d like to watch the archive first, you can check it out here. The broadcast was relocated to Team TDB’s Stream.Me page due to minor difficulties.

Kicking off the Winner’s Finals is a match-up the stream has become accustomed to seeing by now: AL ITA Master versus SlenderCashew. What catches our interest is that ITA Master opts to use his Shadow Jago instead of his trademark Thunder. While the character definitely fits his overwhelming style, the decision comes with a cost to his damage output which would come back to haunt him. ITA Master tried fishing for holes in Gargos’s offense to punish with his Instinct’s command grab only to be kept at bay by the minions. Even his damage ender saw an interruption just as the animation started up, cutting ITA Master’s cash-out short. The second game becomes a nail-biter as ITA Master starts to mount a comeback, punishing a Shadow Counter with a throw into a cash-out that does not quite finish the game. SlenderCashew waits patiently before tossing a counter-poke that devastates his opponent’s hopes of a miracle victory. Somehow ITA Master finds a chink in Gargos’s armor while the Shadow Lord is in Instinct, but he cannot repeat his minor victory and falls to the oppression of the Shadow Lord 0-3. SlenderCashew returns to Grand Finals for the third week in a row!

ITA Master is greeted by a familiar face in Loser’s Finals: TG Coopster, who’d previously been sent to Loser’s by TDB KI4Life’s Hisako but managed to redeem himself by defeating KI4Life in return, using Shadow Jago. He makes another unexpected character selection against ITA Master’s Thunder…Cinder. At first he tries to stay within close range and check ITA Master with his medium kick, but this approach is quickly shut down with Ankle Slicers. Attempts to retreat are called out and punished repeatedly until ITA Master takes his first win. For the second game, Coopstar goes for more of a zoning approach with the Pyrobombs. While this leads to an improved performance on his part, Coopstar still finds himself getting harassed by enormous normal attacks and the endless mix-ups between DPs and command grabs. With ITA Master on set point, Coopstar throws all caution to the wind and switches to Gargos. But unlike SlenderCashew, Coopstar has more of a hard time trying to contain ITA Master using his minions, although he’s more than willing to match him command grab for command grab. Eventually ITA Master escapes the blender and restarts his own, much to Coopstar’s dismay. His use of the quadruple jump is punished by ITA Master’s well-spaced DPs, each one knocking him to the ground and leaving him vulnerable to Thunder’s wrath. ITA Master claims a 3-0 win over Coopstar, thereby earning his runback with SlenderCashew in Grand Finals!

Having learned his lesson using Shadow Jago, ITA Master411 decides to put his faith in Thunder again as he faces SlenderCashew’s Gargos. His eagerness to dash in rewards him with a quick first loss, prompting him to rethink his strategy. The next two games completely go his way as he constantly lands reset after reset on a hapless SlenderCashew without letting him summon a minion at all. But the pendulum swings back to Slender when ITA Master begins fishing for Counter Breakers in the midst of his juggles only to be punished. His neutral jumps against Thunder’s shadow grab works wonders for him as well. With the threat of Thunder’s DP, Slender feels intimidated from moving too much whenever he gets within attacking range. In the few times ITA Master finds a hit, he disregards Slender’s minions, a decision that causes him to drop his combos when they interfere with his offense. Slender gets the health lead and then constantly runs away while defending it, causing the pressure to mount on ITA Master. Unable to chase Gargos down, ITA Master’s 2-1 lead crumbles away, and SlenderCashew becomes the King of the Ring champion for the third week in a row!

Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: HW SlenderCashew
Winnings: $100 and 75 league points

2nd Place: AL ITA Master411
Winnings: $50 and 50 league points

3rd Place: TG Coopstar
Winnings: $30 and 25 league points

4th Place: TDB KI4Life
Winnings: $20 and 10 league points

5th Place: Shaolin FX
Winnings: 5 league points

5th Place: HW Valoraxe
Winnings: 5 league points

7th Place: TDB H0TSH0T
Winnings: 5 league points

7th Place: TDB TM Drago900
Winnings: 5 league points

Match Log

Loser’s Bracket

Shaolin FX (ARIA): 2 vs. TDB TM Drago900 (TJ Combo and Sabrewulf): 0

TG Coopstar (Jago and Eyedol): 2 vs. TDB H0TSH0T (Cinder and Spinal): 1

Winner’s Quarterfinals

HW Valoraxe (Tusk and Cinder): 0 vs. SlenderCashew (Gargos): 2

TDB KI4Life (Hisako and Orchid): 0 vs. AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 2

Loser’s Quarterfinals

TD KI4Life (Hisako): 2 vs. TDB TM Drago900 (Omen): 0

TG Coopstar (Jago): 2 vs. HW Valoraxe (Cinder): 0

Loser’s Semifinals

TDB KI4Life (Hisako): 0 vs. TG Coopstar (Shadow Jago): 2

Winner’s Finals

AL ITA Master411 (Shadow Jago): 0 vs. HW SlenderCashew (Gargos): 3

Loser’s Finals

TG Coopstar (Cinder and Gargos): 0 vs. AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 3

Grand Finals

HW SlenderCashew (Gargos): 3 vs. AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 2

With his third victory, SlenderCashew takes a commanding lead in the KOTR rankings with 225 points! With only one week left before the finale, he’s practically guaranteed himself his spot in the Top 8 bracket which will take place on June 11th. ITA Master follows closely behind at 185 points while Coopstar takes third place with eighty points.

The European KI scene has one more chance to make a splash before the finale, so visit this page at Smash.GG to sign up for Week 5! Please note that this league is only open to European players from both the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. They must also be at least seventeen years of age to participate. The fifth week takes place online on May 28th, 2017.

A gracious thank-you to all the commentators and bracket organizers for ensuring a well-run tournament as always! We should be back on TDB KI4Life’s page next time, so make sure to follow that and have your notifications enabled so that you don’t miss out on the broadcast!

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