SlenderCashew wins King of the Ring Week #3!

King of the Ring completed its third bracket last weekend! For those who didn’t get to catch the action, we’ll give you a breakdown of the Top 3 and let you enjoy the rest for yourself at our archives.

This week seems to be the week of Eyedol, as 25% of the Top 8 consists of Eyedol specialists, and one of them – Delta Rayquaza, to be specific – makes it to Winner’s Finals to take on SlenderCashew’s Gargos in a battle between Shadow Lords. Cashew keeps himself airborne, striking only when Delta fails to anti-air him. The oppression coming from this Gargos player is unholy, eventually forcing Delta to utilize risky options just to save himself. He manages to ground Cashew now and then, but his reluctance to pressure with heavy attacks gives Cashew room to wake up with Instinct and mount a counter-attack. Delta keeps the minions from becoming a threat while capitalizing on his opportunities to do damage, but one comes back to haunt him near the end of the second match when he tries to recover from a very damaging combo. Cashew has some difficulty blocking Eyedol’s offense, but given its limited damage, he is left with plenty of room for error. The set comes down to a ringside scramble as both players try continuously to punish each other’s unsafe specials only to fail, but Cashew soon wins the exchange and closes out the set with a semi-convincing 3-0 win.

Delta Rayquaza gets a chance for redemption in Loser’s Finals, but he must go through ITA Master411 (Thunder) to ensure his survival in the bracket. At first, he keeps himself in Mage Stance as long as possible since he wants no part of the Native American brawler up-close, but the random switches to Warrior Stance diminish his zoning-based momentum to the point he either has to sacrifice health to prompt another switch or go in and put his life on the line. His frustration peaks when he fails repeatedly in blocking Thunder’s jumping heavy punch after each hard knockdown. As the set progresses to its second match, Delta throws all caution to the wind and begins playing hyper aggressive, even throwing out Shadow Lightning Cages after flip-outs to make sure ITA Master sits still. He even takes every opportunity to teabag in the neutral in an attempt to get under ITA Master’s skin, but the Thunder specialist pays it no heed. Delta ties up the set 1-1 only to be forced back on the defensive in the face of ITA Master’s renewed aggression. The desperation to avoid the command grab leaves him open to hit-confirms off lows into Triplax specials. When ITA Master begins spending Shadow Meter to armor through Delta’s wake-ups, the Eyedol specialist’s mental resistance crumbles. His last effort to make a comeback in the final round is met with failure…and Thunder’s Ultimate.

With ITA Master’s victory in Loser’s Finals, he goes on to Grand Finals to set the stage for a clash of KOTR champions! Though ITA Master prefers to be the one on the offensive, he must now experience the Thunder vs. Gargos match-up from both perspectives as the offender and the defender. With each opening hit for every match, the momentum tends to become one-sided for the most part. Like with Delta Rayquaza, SlenderCashew adopts a hit-and-run approach by getting his damage and then backdashing to avoid ITA Master’s retaliatory DP stomps, which Cashew blocks consistently. For the most part, the minions pose no threat to ITA Master due to how he coordinates his offense so that they get tagged while he’s hacking away at the Shadow Lord. Both players trade wins back and forth, thereby causing the set to extend to a fifth game. Cashew utilizes his Shadow Portal Punch to keep his opponent still so that he can apply his offense without risk. The pressure to make a move falls on ITA Master, an unusual observation considering his trademark offensive style. He still manages to fight his way past the zoning, but his eagerness to throw out DPs eventually costs him as Cashew continues to punish him. The Shadow Lord adds insult to injury with a final Counter Breaker that leads to the set-winning combo for SlenderCashew!

Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: SlenderCashew
Winnings: $100 and 75 league points

2nd Place: AL ITA Master411
Winnings: $50 and 50 league points

3rd Place: delta rayquaza
Winnings: $30 and 25 league points

4th Place: TDB H0TSH0T
Winnings: $20 and 10 league points

5th Place: Crotus33
Winnings: 5 league points

5th Place: MBA BaneMobius
Winnings: 5 league points

7th Place: CG bastfree
Winnings: 5 league points

7th Place: TDB Fang
Winnings: 5 league points

Match Log

Loser’s Bracket

Crotus33 (Cinder): 2 vs. CG bastfree (Kim Wu): 1

AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 2 vs. TDB Fang (Fulgore and Shadow Jago): 0

Winner’s Quarterfinals

SlenderCashew (Gargos): 2 vs. MBA BaneMobius (Eyedol): 0

delta rayquaza (Eyedol): 2 vs. TDB H0TSH0T (Cinder): 0

Loser’s Quarterfinals

TDB H0TSH0T (Cinder): 2 vs. Crotus33 (Cinder): 0

AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 2 vs. MBA BaneMobius (Eyedol): 0

Loser’s Semifinals

TDB H0TSH0T (Cinder): 1 vs. AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 2

Winner’s Finals

delta rayquaza (Eyedol): 0 vs. SlenderCashew (Gargos): 3

Loser’s Finals

delta rayquaza (Eyedol): 1 vs. AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 3

Grand Finals

SlenderCashew (Gargos): 3 vs. AL ITA Master411 (Thunder): 2

Congratulations to SlenderCashew, our two-time King of the Ring champion! Respects to ITA Master for coming within an inch of a bracket reset in the Grand Finals. As of now, these two are the only players to have won a bracket, but we still have two weeks left for newcomers to take their place before the Grand Finale!

Like with the KrossUp finale, the top eight players with the highest amount of points will qualify for one last bracket on June 11th with increased cash prizes. See below for the updated rankings.

With SlenderCashew’s second win, he has overtaken ITA Master for first place in the rankings! The current top two have a very good chance of making it into the finale despite what happens in Weeks 4 and 5, but the points are evenly spread out across the rest of the rankings. Who all will make it to the final phase is anyone’s guess!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to unseat SlenderCashew from his throne, then sign up for King of the Ring Week 4 here! Note that this league is only for the KI community’s EU region, meaning that North American players are barred from participating. Additionally, these brackets are open to players from the Xbox One and PC platforms due to cross-play. Entry is completely free!

For those wanting to catch up on the rest of the matches, enjoy this archive taken from KI4Life’s StreamMe page.

Thanks go out to CG bastfree and TDB H0TSH0T for assisting TDB KI4Life with commentary while juggling their own matches. Both have given an exceptional performance like everyone else. We hope to see them return for the fourth KOTR bracket on May 14th!

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