Skullomania and Darun coming to Fighting Layer EX, which will release in 2018

At EVO 2017, more information regarding development for Arika’s upcoming title, Fighting Layer EX, broke the surface during the world finals at Mandalay Bay.

Below is a trailer announcing two new characters coming to the roster – Skullomania and Darun Mister!

Both characters are given a brief gameplay demonstration throughout the trailer. A tidbit about the game’s new mechanic called the Gougi System was also shared with the community – see this article for a Twitter post by NerdJosh that breaks down the new mechanic as well as move lists.

The game will arrive on the Playstation 4 next year, perhaps on April Fool’s Day as a shout-out to the game’s “fake reveal” this year on the same date. Rather than schedule the game for differing release dates in each region, however, Fighting Layer EX will be released simultaneously across all of North America, Europe and Japan!

A beta test for the product will be made available for the Playstation 4 by the end of this year. Players in Japan will also have the option to pre-order once the beta launches, with bonuses to be announced at a later date.

Like Killer Instinct, the Fighting Layer franchise slept in hibernation for a good number of years before it saw the light of day again. We cannot wait to see the course this franchise will take in the near future!

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