@SkullgirlsTour announces Season 2, beginning July 28th!

The Skullgirls Tour makes its return with a second tournament season! See below for their official trailer.

If you recall, StreamMe partnered with the Skullgirls Tour to help send players over to the headline event of their first season, specifically Combo Breaker 2017. This would be achieved with our contribution of $2,000 along with additional donations sent in by viewers. Well, we are joining forces with them once again to add to the excitement of competitive Skullgirls!

Starting July 28th, a series of events will be designated as part of the Skullgirls Tour’s second season. Thus far, the following have been confirmed:

  • Defend The North 2017
  • CEOtaku 2017
  • Northeast Championships 2017
  • Frosty Faustings
  • Anime Ascension
  • Northwest Majors
  • Combo Breaker 2018

As before, Combo Breaker is considered the end point of the Skullgirls Tour. If you missed out on this event last month…you’ve been denied an unforgettable experience.

The second season of the Skullgirls Tour introduces a new twist, courtesy of StreamMe. Each and every stop in the tour will receive a $500 pot bonus for their Skullgirls brackets, possibly more! Additionally, online events will be included in the league and they too will feature cash prizes, but entry will be absolutely free.

It is recommended that you create a SmashGG account and follow the all-new page for the Skullgirls Tour here. Events will be added to the page as they are confirmed.

Any and all online events from the Skullgirls Tour will be broadcast live via www.stream.me/skullgirlstour. We highly recommend that you give it a follow so that you don’t miss out!

More details will be provided via the Twitter account for the Tour. We recommend you follow that along with the rest of the links below to stay updated!

StreamMe Twitter
StreamMe YouTube
Skullgirls Tour StreamMe page
Skullgirls Tour Twitter page
Skullgirls Tour SmashGG page