Sign-ups for Dragonball Fighter Z Beta delayed until August 22nd

Previously, ArcSystemWorks planned to open sign-ups for a closed beta for their upcoming anime fighter, Dragonball Fighter Z. Target schedule for opening registration was to be today. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), it seems we’ll have to wait another month before we can try out the game for ourselves in the comfort of our home.

However, in addition to the new schedule for beta sign-ups – August 22nd – we now know that the beta will launch on September 16th, lasting for three days straight.

The reason for the delay? As a follow-up to the Twitter post from Anime FGC News above, they’ve linked a Facebook post from Bandai Namco that explains the decision to hold off sign-ups for another month. Apparently the announcement regarding their beta has been met with unprecedented levels of enthusiasm and support, prompting them to expand the capacity of players that can access the servers for their closed beta. Such a process will take an amount of time, thus justifying the delay.

The Facebook post can be found here, but we will copy and paste an image for your convenience.

While the disappointment caused by the delay is understandable, the trade-off here is that when the beta finally drops, we will have access to an increased amount of players to enjoy more matches.

Dragonball Fighter Z will launch on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 in early 2018.

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