Sign up for @Brawlhalla ‘s closed beta on PS4 + Details on Patch 2.58

Blue Mammoth Games promised you a PS4 port for their free-to-play fighting game, Brawlhalla. Now, that wish is finally coming true!

But before that, they are offering you the chance to sign up for a closed beta in order to collect feedback on the game’s transition to the Playstation 4. You must sign up to reserve your spot for the beta when it launches in May – unlike with the Injustice 2 beta, players will not be randomly selected to receive codes in order to try out the demo.

When the beta becomes available, you may be prompted to download the game via the Playstation store. Stay tuned to the Brawlhalla Twitter account for further instructions.

Since we know the questions are coming, we’ll answer them right now:

  • the Brawlhalla team plans to launch the Playstation 4 version of Brawlhalla this summer. No exact release date was given.
  • crossplay between the PS4 and PC versions does not seem to be likely, as “there’s challenges” according to the team. However, they did not directly state that it will not happen.
  • there has been no comment as to whether or not Brawlhalla will shift over to the PS4 as its official tournament platform in the future.

A special note to players who participate in this beta: they will be gifted with some neat in-game boons. These include an exclusive “I was in the beta” avatar plus a free character unlock. Such generosity, and all for participating in a closed beta at no cost to the player! We definitely recommend that you give it a shot!

Full details on the PS4 closed beta can be found at the Playstation blog here.

In other Brawlhalla-related news, Patch 2.58 dropped yesterday. It introduces a hailstorm of fixes for networking and animations, new Test Features, a new Brawl of the Week and even a brand-new Ember skin that can be purchased. For full details on this patch, check out this page from the Brawlhalla blog!

And…what exactly is this character we’re seeing in the Twitter post below?! You’ll get to find out more about it on the developers’ stream today at 1:00 P.M. EST!

If you own a PC and want to try out Brawlhalla right now, you can visit their Steam page to download the game! It’s free to play, not pay-to-win! 😀

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