Shin Hisako revealed as the newest(?) character for Killer Instinct!

At long last, the identity of Killer Instinct’s next character has been revealed!

Like Kilgore, the “newcomer,” if you could even call her that, appears to be a modified version of another existing character. The Killer Instinct team dropped this breathtaking clip via their Twitter page earlier today. Words can’t describe the vibe one can feel from it…you need to give it a watch. Now.

Welcome, Shin Hisako!

Hisako has broken free from the spiritual bonds that kept her fate tied to the graveyard in her stage, Village of Whispers, to ascend to a level of power beyond a mere mortal’s imagining. Nobody is ready for the blade that cuts as white-hot as her desire for revenge. Like with Kilgore and Fulgore, Shin Hisako will have some similarities to the original while bringing a new flavor of gameplay to the table.

How, you ask? Well, we’ll find out at the World Cup next weekend, according to this next Twitter post…

If you want a firsthand look at Shin Hisako’s capabilities, you’d better get those tickets for the World Cup now! See this page to make your purchase.

Meanwhile, Adam “Keits” Heart has been kind enough to drop a little hint about Shin Hisako’s approach to combat, which is apparently “more straightforward to play than Hisako but still has some interesting wrinkles.” He also mentions how the last of the extra three fighters coming to the game will not be a “remix” like the first two are.

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