SFV will receive new CFN, Ed and Season 2.1 balance updates on May 30th

It’s been a long time coming, but according to a Twitter post from the Street Fighter account yesterday, SFV players can finally enjoy the updated CFN on May 30th, as well as the game’s newest fighter (Ed) and the balance updates that have been promised since March.

Two weeks ago, the community was invited to participate in a second beta for the new Capcom Fighter’s Network, which is basically the netcode Street Fighter V functions off of. In light of the negative feedback that the netcode received since the game launch in February 2016, Capcom sought to correct this error since the beginning of Season 2. Players appear to have had mixed opinions on the new CFN since their time in the beta…some found it an improvement whereas others saw no difference.

Feedback on Ed, the next character to be added courtesy of Season 2, has also been tilting back and forth between positive and negative. Some believe him to be a character who struggles whereas others have faith in his untapped potential. Once the balance changes come into play, conclusions are sure to shift.

For a sample of Ed’s gameplay, see my YouTube video where I fight an Ed player in the New CFN Beta.

Capcom plans to make further announcements regarding the arrival of the new CFN (and perhaps other things) some time tomorrow.

Thus, Season 2’s final week is at hand, because come May 30th…the game will undergo a dramatic change in balance. The question is, will it be for the better or worse? As always, that’s up to the players to decide.

Side-note: for those looking forward to Ultra Street Fighter 2, it launches for the Nintendo Switch this Friday! See this article for a breakdown on what to expect from the long-awaited update to the classic SF2 series.

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