SFV to reveal next character during EVO’s Top 8 on Sunday!

EVO is currently underway in Las Vegas. As you might expect, announcements will coincide with a series of tournaments designed to produce the World Champions for a lineup consisting of nine games.

We already know that the SFV World Finals will be aired on ESPN2 this Sunday, but it seems that we’ll learn the identity of the game’s next Season 2 character will be shared during that time! Thus far, half of Season 2’s roster has been revealed to be Akuma, Kolin and Ed. No clues about the fourth character have been given…other than the picture seen below.

Rumors on the street indicate that this next character could be Abigail. While we take this with a grain of salt, apparently the source from which these rumors come has been right on the mark with identifying characters before their release, even going so far as to give details surrounding their appearance. Ed is one such example.

Below is a video from VesperArcade exploring this possibility. Take a look!

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