SFV Season 2 Change Log Corrected + Improvements to Netcode


Couple days ago, a Capcom representative addressed the community via their official blog about inconsistencies in their Season 2 balance notes released back in December. These inconsistencies have since been corrected and will be shared here.

First, here are the changes that were originally absent from the patch notes:


Bonshogeri – knockback on Crush Counter extended by three frames


Crouching LP – chain-cancelling frames changed from 9-10 frames ⇒ 10-11 frames

Ryodansatsu – air hitbox and total frames adjusted slightly


EX Bull Head – changed recovery from twenty-eight frames ⇒ twenty-three frames


Power Drop – changed attack startup from five frames ⇒ six frames

Next, of all the changes listed in the original notes, two were confirmed to be incorrect. These have now been modified to reflect the correct changes.


Incorrect: Light Shoryuken (Normal/V-Trigger) – removed throw invincibility

Correct: Light Shoryuken (Normal/V-Trigger) – did not remove throw invincibility


Incorrect: Standing MK – slowed down timing of startup on V-Trigger cancel by three frames

Correct: Standing MK – slowed down timing of startup on V-Trigger cancel by five frames

All of the SFV Season 2 notes can be reviewed in a PDF file that you must download. To do so, visit here. You’ll be reading for a while, because this change-log is enormous.

The SFV community has also been assured that Capcom is closely monitoring the character data to determine if the roster needs more balance tweaks. Since the beginning of the season, players of differing skill levels have come to agree that a specific portion of the roster (more specifically, Urien, Ken and Laura) overshadows the other characters so much that they are in a tier of their own. Others feel that characters such as Nash, Ryu, etc. were significantly over-nerfed. As such, the majority have been clamoring for one more patch to be released.

If another patch does come, it would be feasible for it to arrive before the beginning of the Capcom Pro Tour season (more on that here). For the past years since it has launched, balance changes have never interrupted the circuit. Still, it remains unclear if a last-minute patch will be implemented.

Another detail that Capcom has called to attention is that they have been hard at work improving the quality of their netcode, more specifically known as the Capcom Fighter’s Network. It’s no secret that the netcode is not held in high regard by the player base, despite countless maintenance sessions, so naturally skepticism runs high. However, Capcom is expecting to launch an update to CFN during the spring season.

What this update focuses on, they did not say. It could target online gameplay, the replay menus, Battle Lounge functionality, etc.When we learn more, we will update you.

What are your thoughts? Could we see another patch? Will the players’ opinions on the netcode finally change when it’s upgraded? Let us know in your comments!

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