SFV Pros invited to Red Bull Kumite on May 27-28!

The Capcom Pro Tour 2017 season is kicking off with a slew of surprises this year! One of them includes the return of a Street Fighter V invitational called the Red Bull Kumite!

Red Bull Kumite 2017 comes to the Salle Wagram in Paris, where sixteen of the best Street Fighter V players will attempt to wrest the crown from each other’s grasp. Fourteen of these players will be personally invited to this event, whereas the other two will be determined by way of a 256-man bracket that will take place the day before the invitational…May 27, 2017.

At this time, registration and tickets for seats at the Salle Wagram are not available. We will update you again when that changes, but for now, follow Red Bull’s website for updates on their invitational!

Which pro players were invited to Red Bull Kumite, you ask? We’re happy to reveal eight of the fourteen titans coming to Paris in May! Read on for a list of the players and a series of videos they’re featured in.

  • Echo Fox Tokido – known for the legendary “murder face,” Tokido has been a monstrous force on the battlefield. As Akuma was nowhere to be found in Season 1, Tokido took his talents over to Ryu and quickly became legendary. Although he was not present in the Top 8 at EVO 2016, his triumph at CEO would qualify him for the Capcom Cup where he would go 0-2. Last year was rough for him, but now that Akuma has finally entered the realm of Street Fighter V, Tokido has resolved to instill fear into the hearts of his foes once again.

  • Qanba Douyu Xiao Hai – Xiao Hai is somewhat of a wild card in the Street Fighter V scene. When he gets on a roll, his momentum never stops, but when he doesn’t…it’s a rough day in the office. Known for his talents with Cammy in the SF4 series, Xiao Hai quickly found a home in SFV where aggressive play sees an increased reward. To this day, his most noteworthy achievement is his victory at ESL Brooklyn Beatdown in New York, where he defeated Momochi¬†after being 3-0’ed in the first half. As a King of Fighters legend, one element he’s carried over to SFV is his superhuman reaction timing. Be very careful when testing him.

  • PR Balrog – also a veteran from the SF4 series, he has placed within the Top 8 of almost every EVO. His mastery of Balrog is justification for the fear associated with his gamer tag. Despite that Balrog isn’t generally considered one of the better characters, Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez is admired for his ability to shock the crowd with one twist after another. One such example is a Double K.O. at an EVO match that ends in Balrog’s favor since he was already up a round. With SFV Season 2 upon us, his character is gradually becoming an object of hatred for the community thanks largely to his buffs and the system changes…which is perfectly fine with him.

  • RB – his gamer tag may be…short, but don’t let it fool you. His mastery of the overlooked characters is not to be scoffed at. In fact, back when Urien wasn’t the subject of every SFV player’s nightmares, RB began working some magic with the character near the end of Season 1, back when Urien wasn’t quite as overbearing but still strong. His efforts shone like the sun at Red Bull Battle Grounds where he placed within the Top 8 after defeating godlike players such as EG Ricki Ortiz, who would go on to place 2nd at Capcom Cup 2016. Now that Urien runs Street Fighter V, competitors must be extremely wary of RB at Red Bull Kumite.

  • Alienware Nemo – Nemo has been dominating opponents in fighting games for a handful of years. He commanded a fearsome Rolento in the days of Ultra Street Fighter 4 as well as a team of Nova, Spencer and Dr. Strange in Marvel vs Capcom 3 (look for him when Marvel returns to EVO this year!). Nemo was initially drawn to Vega as his character of choice in Street Fighter V, but like RB he has made the switch to Urien and the results are remarkable. With Red Bull Kumite returning this year, Nemo is ready to raise the bar.

  • Rize Infexious – not much is known about Infexious’s history as a Street Fighter player, but his skill is not to be underestimated. Back when Zangief was seen as a character without hope in Season 1, Infexious showed how he could hold his own against the legendary Beast himself, Daigo Umehara (see the match below). The set ended in his defeat, but he is hailed as a hero to Zangief players. A new season means a new game, so we are eager to see the damage Infexious will cause with the Russian hulk this year.

  • Meltdown Mister Crimson – Mister Crimson will represent France at the Red Bull Kumite near the end of May. He won the first Street Fighter V major event at Cannes Winter Clash but fell off the radar afterward, yet he remained competitive throughout the year. Season 2’s arrival was like Christmas for him, as Laura’s changes have generated waterfalls of salt from her victims. Combined with his highly efficient gameplay, Crimson is more than ready to meet the competition head-on. Let the clip below serve as a sign of what is to come.

  • Redbull Bonchan – much can be said about this man’s achievements as a Street Fighter player. When the Street Fighter 4 series came about, Bonchan rose to fame as its premier Sagat player. His reaction timing is something to be feared.¬†Bonchan’s more than familiar with the Red Bull Kumite’s history, having competed in all of its events to date. As last year’s champion, he will fight to defend his throne from invaders. The 2016 Grand Finals featured both him and Tokido, and with both competitors confirmed to return, we’re curious to know if history will repeat itself or see a drastic change.

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