SFV pro @SmugDaBeast joins @TheRiseNation!

With EVO 2017 approaching fast, fighting game players around the globe are preparing for the biggest fight of their competitive careers. One such player is Bryant “SMUG” Higgins, a pro player known for his combination of his fearsome Balrog and his timeless sense of humor.

Under an hour ago, Rise Nation announced that SMUG would be joining MenaRD and MarN as the latest addition to their Street Fighter V lineup!

Since 2013, SMUG came onto the radar as a threat in the Street Fighter 4 series. It took a while for his iconic character – Balrog – to join him in SFV Season 1 by way of DLC, but as soon as he hit the game, SMUG’s grind sessions extended in duration. His rivalry with Liquid Nuckledu is a popular topic of discussion for the Capcom community due to their levels of gameplay and their open “disrespect” towards one another. The two have had repeated encounters in the upper levels of SFV brackets, including the Top 8 finals at Combo Breaker and CEO 2017.

SMUG’s first opportunity to represent the Rise Nation will come at EVO 2017, which occurs in under three weeks from now at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Since SFV currently boasts the highest amount of entrants compared to the rest of the EVO lineup, SMUG will definitely have a long, winding road ahead of him. We wish him and Rise Nation all the best!

As an example of the show you can expect from SMUG, check out this clip featuring his Top 8 match with NuckleDu at CEO’s SFV finals!

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