SFV Pro @SmugDaBeast becomes the ambassador for @NZXT!

In addition to Rise Nation, pro-level player SMUG has taken on his next role as an ambassador for the PC gaming brand called NZXT! The deal was signed and disclosed to the Internet just before we dived into a weekend of non-stop FGC action last Friday.

One of few players to have multiple sponsors at his back (already players have taken to calling him “Black Daigo” due to this status), Smug considers 2017 as a year that has brought nothing but blessings to his doorstep. He has already been a regular appearance at events for SFV, but with his newfound deal with NZXT, expect him to become a more common sighting.

NZXT, stationed in Los Angeles, is a company that believes solely in a world where PC is the go-to platform for a maximized experience as a gamer. Since 2004, they have created products with the PC gaming community in mind. You can check out all their ongoing deals over at their website.

Currently, RISE NZXT Smug is ranked at #17 on the Capcom Pro Tour Global Leaderboards, putting him just one position below his teammate, RISE MenaRD, but above other titans including Echo Fox Justin Wong, Daigo Umehara and even the 2014 EVO champion for Ultra Street Fighter 4, RB Luffy! In addition to attending events offline, Smug has taken advantage of the CPT online circuit in order to drastically improve his standings.

It is unclear as to where Smug stands with his future traveling plans, but in the meantime, you can support him by following his Twitter!