SFV Balance Update Delayed + New Character Reveal Soon?!

Originally, Capcom estimated that the arrival of their Season 2 balance update would occur around the end of April. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you feel about what’s coming next), that update has been delayed.

Naturally, you may be wondering why that is. Well, according to this blog post released by a Capcom employee, the team plans to make further adjustments to optimize the new CFN (Capcom Fighter’s Network) which promises a better online experience for SFV players. In an effort to acquire more data so as to accomplish this goal, they plan to conduct another beta test that you will get to take part in, depending on which platform they do it for (PC or PS4).

However, because the new balance changes are tied to the updated CFN, this means that they have been temporarily delayed as a result. Of course, those who participate in Capcom’s next beta will have the opportunity to test out the changes for themselves, as those who played in their previous PC Beta did.

But there’s a surprising twist associated with this next beta test…in addition to all of the characters we’re currently playing, we’ll be getting the opportunity to try out Season 2’s third mystery character! Capcom plans to lift the curtain on that character very soon, so keep an eye out!

If you recall, the Season 2 Character Pass promises the arrival of six new fighters that will be released throughout the year. Akuma and Kolin were the first two, which leaves us with four mystery faces to wonder about. Buying the pass will grant you immediate access to these characters for when they are released…otherwise, each character will cost $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money (and trust us, it takes FOREVER to get the latter).

Want to buy the Character Pass? PS4 players can go here while PC users can visit SFV’s Steam page.

We will update you about the next beta test when it launches. Until then, please follow this blog and the pages below to stay updated on Street Fighter!

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