@SetToDestroyX signs Team “Deadbeat,” Champions of @SplatoonJP 2

Note: Image is credited to the SetToDestroyX Twitter account.

Back in July, Nintendo released a sequel to a bizarrely entertaining game called Splatoon, an animated shooting game where players combat each other in groups of four, using squid-like creatures called “inklings” that can assume humanoid form. The sequel, simply called Splatoon 2, is among the first games to mark Nintendo’s official entrance into the world of esports.

Of course, back when the first Splatoon was released in 2015, the idea of it being an esports title was met with opposition. But this opposition was sooner shattered by a community of players that flocked to Splatoon, bringing it to countless events. In response to this sudden growth in the scene, Nintendo surprised its fans by investing in Splatoon tournaments near the end of 2016.

What’s interesting to know is that Nintendo once took a stance similar to those who opposed the idea of Splatoon as an esports title. When Super Smash Bros. Melee was welcomed back into the EVO lineup by way of a player vote in 2013, Nintendo became aware of EVO’s plans to broadcast the Melee finals live on stream. They immediately contacted the EVO team stating for them to cancel plans for the broadcast, and by extension, remove Melee from its lineup as well. However, the resonating backlash from the Melee community prompted Nintendo to backpedal on their decision, and they allowed EVO to continue with their plans as normal.

That was four years ago. As time passed, Nintendo gradually warmed up to the idea of supporting a game’s competitive community. At the E3 event in June, the company hosted an event that celebrated the launch of Splatoon 2, ARMS and Pokken Tournament DX, all of which were designed for their latest console known as the Nintendo Switch. Much to the Internet’s pleasure, a collection of the world’s best players were extended an invitation to join this event, so as to showcase these games at a high level. Splatoon 2 and ARMS are now available to play, but Pokken Tournament DX won’t arrive to the Nintendo Switch until September 22nd this year.

Over at E3, a team of players calling themselves “Deadbeat” won the Splatoon 2 invitational, earning themselves the title of “Splatoon 2 World Champions.” Now that the game is available to the public, the team continues to justify its reputation through its performance at countless events. With attention for the game beginning to rise, a Canada-based organization called Set To Destroy took this opportunity to reach out to Deadbeat in the hopes of a partnership.

A deal has been struck, and STDx is proud to welcome all of Deadbeat into their family!

The “Deadbeat” team consists of the following players:

In addition to signing these extraordinary players for their group, a long-term sponsorship with ColorWare was also negotiated. As a company that provides customization options for a variety of items in the Nintendo market, they will be outfitting StDx’s Splatoon team with the equipment necessary for competitions. Additionally, the crew’s signing will round off their Nintendo esports division, as they have also signed top players for Pokken Tournament and the Smash Bros. series.

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