Semiij dethrones SonicFox to win Week 6!

Tonight marks the halfway point of the Kombat Cup, and each week has brought about jaw-dropping battles for the MKXL community to witness! This Top 8 bracket would feature both the returning and former champions SonicFox and Semiij, as well as new faces such as TTT Sacky and YOMI Forever King!
Which kombatant would reign supreme tonight?!


w6aFirst match to kick off the Top 8 is between two Kombat Cup regulars: cR SonicFox and Circa Destroyer. Sonic’s answer to the Predator match-up consists of a Cassie that would not be outdone in a zoning contest, but his failure to anti-air Predator’s jump-ins allow Destroyer to even the playing field for a decent amount of time. Still, Sonic quickly takes the third game to bring the score up to 2-1 in his favor, and Destroyer responds with an extremely rare counter-pick…Metallic Tremor. The character’s lava stance gives Tremor access to the ability to end combos with a restand, and this greatly aids in Destroyer’s effort to bring it back. When a very quick run-in costs Sonic the fourth game, it all comes down to one final brawl. The first round gets utterly robbed by Sonic, tearing a deep hole into his opponent’s spirit, and then the champion’s use of Cassie’s nut punch goes completely unpunished, costing Destroyer the set! Sonic emerges victorious with a close 3-2 victory over Circa’s champion!


w6bYOMI Slayer returns for his second Top 8 appearance as he takes on newcomer TTT Sacky, who debuts his Sorcerer Quan Chi. Known for his combination of air mobility, whiff punishes and conversions from the entire screen, Slayer wasted no time laying down the law against his opponent. But Quan Chi carries the dreaded touch of death with not just his discreet mix-up game, but also the armor rune which leads to a powerful corner game for the necromancer. With each game, Slayer looked poised to seal the deal but a combo drop drastically swung momentum back into favor of Sacky. Slayer’s reliance on the EX cartwheel also suffers due to Sorcerer’s meter-stealing rune, which Sacky integrates into his blockstrings in order to pop open a hole in Slayer’s defense while depleting his opponent’s resources. One final wake-up neutral jump punch from Sacky gives him his 3-0 victory, thereby advancing him to the semifinals!



Slayer’s comrade, YOMI Forever King, would have the chance to redeem Yomi’s name by going against GTG Semiij, one of the two players who have won a Kombat Cup bracket by far. King’s mobility via teleport gets completely shut down by Semiij’s reactive uppercuts, forcing him to play a ground game which can be a discouraging ordeal due to the strength of Mileena’s jump-ins. Semiij’s use of EX Fade also keeps King’s offense at bay. Both players demonstrate a great aptitude for throw techs, but this also has the consequence of opening King up for Mileena’s F3, her strongest combo starter. Unable to recover his composure, King goes down 0-3 against Semiij.


GTG SylverRye is celebrating his birthday tonight (Happy Birthday, Rye!), so naturally he seeks to make the most of it. But Dragon, who still has faith in his Mournful Kitana, will not let him celebrate for free. After a strong start from SylverRye, Dragon steps up his game with extreme abuse of his glaives, eventually frustrating Rye into trying to counter-zone and jump only to eat so much damage! After a clutch jump-over into an amazing conversion, Sylver looks prepared to make a glorious comeback but ultimately falls short in the next two games due to Dragon’s constant counters to the windmill punch and its follow-ups, as well as his flurry of glaives. SylverRye’s second run through a Kombat Cup Top 8 ends at a 5th place finish.
sonicsackySonicFox was taken to his limits in the Quarterfinals against Destroyer, and now TTT Sacky would step forward to make a similar effort with perhaps better results. Opting for Summoner instead of Sorcerer, Sacky maintains a strong zoning game while showing that he is simply content to block and take Jason’s command grab just to regain his space. In answer to his first loss, Sonic revives his Cryomancer Sub-Zero to integrate lows and overheads into his already expansive mix-up game of staggers and command grabs. This proves effective as Sonic ties up the score, but Sacky remains undeterred by this development and wriggles out of Sonic’s offense for the second time to take the lead 2-1! For what could be his final stand, Sonic gives in to the Cyber Initiative…and goes with Sektor. As the fourth game quickly accelerates to its second round, Sacky finds himself down on health but sneaks some crucial F4 overheads into his offense to open up the flustered fox…however, Sacky drops a crucial hit-confirm that would have potentially won him the entire set, much to the crowd’s dismay! Sonic immediately takes advantage of this drop and closes out the last two games with unending ferocity to win 3-2, ensuring his return to the Grand Finals!


semdragFor the second half of semifinals, Dragon and Semiij square off for the right to take down the defending champion. Instead of Ethereal Mileena, Semiij starts with Smoke. First game goes down to the last second AND the last hit, and after nailing a throw Semiij immediately retreats with two backdashes only for Dragon to run full-screen and damage him with a grab JUST before the clock fell to zero! With a clutch win by time-out, Dragon is righteously confident, but Semiij shatters that confidence with a swift change to Ethereal Mileena, who dominates Dragon in the ground game and the air game. After a second loss using Tarkatan Alien, Dragon pins his hopes onto one final counter-pick: Bone Shaper Shinnok. This choice seems to pay off as he manages to pin down Semiij simply by abusing Hell Sparks in the neutral to discourage him from jumping, but Semiij unleashes his wrath in the second round, taking it with a near flawless and then closing out the set 3-1 to earn his runback with cR SonicFox!
semsonicThe stage for this Grand Finals would completely mimic Week 5: same characters, same variations, and same players. But perhaps a different outcome would occur? The chances of that happening begin to look bleak as Sonic takes the first two games by capitalizing on Semiij’s nerves preventing him from chipping the fox out (or perhaps he was expecting Sonic to read his teleport and run under it for a punish?). Yet, as the third game began, it was like a dramatic transformation had overtaken Semiij. Suddenly Sonic found himself gradually losing out in the neutral, and even his anti-air flipkicks began to fail him. Now it was the fox who slipped into a state of hesitation as he started fishing for occasions where Semiij would rely on the fade to escape, and Semiij seized every opportunity he could take to open him up through repeated fades and backdashes, even his 30-frame F3 in the event Sonic became too concerned about throws. In one last round, one last struggle…Semiij lures the fox in for the kill, punishing a blocked overhead to win 3-2 for a stunning conclusion to Kombat Cup Week 6!


Congratulations to GTG Semiij for not only reclaiming his throne, but also becoming the first player to defeat SonicFox in a tournament set for the Kombat Cup! A new era has begun, and now the hunted will become the hunter!


Final Results

1st – GTG Semiij
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – cR SonicFox
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Dragon
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – TTT Sacky
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – GTG SylverRye
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – YOMI Forever King
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – YOMI Slayer
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Circa Destroyer
Prizes: 50 league points


Match Log

cR SonicFox (Hollywood Cassie Cage): 3 vs. Circa Destroyer (Hish-Qu-Ten Predator and Metallic Tremor): 2
YOMI Slayer (Shaolin Kung Jin): 0 vs. TTT Sacky (Sorcerer Quan Chi): 3
GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3 vs. YOMI Forever King (Buzzsaw Kung Lao): 0
GTG SylverRye (Flame Fist Liu Kang): 1 vs. Dragon (Mournful Kitana): 3
cR SonicFox (Unstoppable Jason, Cryomancer Sub-Zero and Sektor): 3 vs. TTT Sacky (Summoner Quan Chi): 2
GTG Semiij (Smoke Ethereal Mileena): 3 vs. Dragon (Mournful Kitana, Tarkatan Alien and Bone Shaper Shinnok): 1
Grand Finals
cR SonicFox (Brawler Cassie Cage): 2 vs. GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3


Thank you to everybody who played their hearts out in the Kombat Cup! With a new champion wearing the crown, will he continue his reign? Will Sonic reclaim it? Or will a new threat rise up to overpower the two of them?! The possibilities are infinite!

Six weeks have passed, but there’s another six to go and therefore plenty of chances to climb through the rankings! If you did not place in Top 4 tonight, you can sign up for tomorrow’s Konquest bracket for a chance to earn some points in redemption for the Kombat Cup! All Kombat Cup and Konquest brackets can be found here.

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Have a great December! See you tomorrow for Konquest #5!

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