Semiij wins Konquest Series #1!


The Konquest Series is a weekly Thursday event that doubles as an opportunity for players to rack in some more points if they did not qualify for the Kombat Cup’s Top 4 that week. Last Thursday marked the beginning of the Konquest series and we are happy to see it kick off with 135 competitors for the first bracket!

We would like to thank Mr. Aquaman and cR Mindset for hosting the Top 8 bracket and providing high-quality commentary for you guys! It’s a shame we couldn’t cover every match because the off-stream matches served to continue the Kombat Cup’s tradition of capturing huge upsets over the familiar names from the MKXL competitive community, some of which you will get to hear about as you check out our archive below!

Please be advised that there were technical difficulties during the live broadcast. We apologize in advance and assure you that they will be resolved before the next Kombat Cup coming up this Sunday.

Archive can be found here and the matches are being uploaded to the Stream.Me YouTube soon,

The first quarterfinal match featured two returning faces from the first Kombat Cup’s Top 8: Traphustla101 and Semiij! For their first two games, the evasiveness of Semiij’s Ethereal Mileena ensured that she would not be caged by Sub-Zero’s clone army, until the third game where Traphustla closed it out with an X-ray to send a message to his opponent. An undaunted Semiij responded with an immediate switch to Ravenous, and despite Traphustla’s best efforts to put up a defense, he fell victim to Semiij’s repeated use of the overhead pounce. Semiij proceeded to win 3-1 by demonstrating an excellent knockdown set-up with a stage interactable on the Pit to guarantee chip damage for the kill!

For the second match, Mutiny’s | Starcharger’s Assassin Kitana would meet STDx | oD 2eZ’s Master of Souls Ermac head-on with a powerful pressure game. 2eZ tried valiantly to ensnare his opponent in his vortex of souls, but Starcharger batted away his mix-up attempts with relative ease and kept whaling on his foe with his well-spaced F2 2 U4 combo strings, eventually forcing 2eZ to change to his Mystic variation. The last game saw an eye-dropping exchange of comebacks including one where Starcharger brought it back in the first round with under 5% health remaining! The second round nearly saw a repeat of this comeback, but Ermac’s ground pound put an end to that ambition. Finally, a failed punish attempt proved to be the heart-breaker for 2eZ, and the game-clincher for Starcharger, who advanced with a 3-0 victory!

With SylverRye and cR Biohazard already waiting in the wings, they jumped right into the third set with their trademark characters, Liu Kang and Ferra/Torr. Given Biohazard’s insane damage potential, SylverRye adopted a hit-and-run approach to score knockdowns from a distance in order to overwhelm his opponent with the nuclear power of his Flame Fist chip damage. But although his health melted away rapidly, Biohazard’s resolve did not…his well-timed jump-ins, neutral jump-punches and use of his Ferra projectile allowed him to mount a comeback after being down 1-2 against his opponent. With his back to the corner (literally), SylverRye changed to his Dragon’s Fire variation in the hopes of applying a pressure game, but the trades continued to favor Biohazard, and the ESL Season 2 finalist prevailed 3-2 against his adversary.

Due to connection issues between Destroyer and Lord Raj, the tournament progressed to its first semifinal match: Starcharger vs. Semiij. Their match-up treated us to a classic sibling rivalry between Kitana and Mileena, complete with their original MK2 costumes! Given both characters’ strong air control, the competitors were understandably hesitant to anti-air, but their battles basically re-enacted the days of the Wild West as they constantly peppered each other with projectiles at mid-screen. Semiij won the greater amount of those trades and broke past Starcharger’s defense by mixing his Ethereal fade cancels into his blockstrings. With a final exchange of fireballs, Semiij took the set with a clean 3-0!

Due to Lord Raj’s misfortune in being completely unable to connect to the session, he conceded his Top 8 match to Destroyer, which meant that the next semifinal match would come down to Destroyer versus Canada’s cR Biohazard. Although the crowd expected Destroyer to bring out his Predator, the Circa representative threw everybody for a loop by bringing out the Shokan prince, Goro! After a vicious slug-fest, a whiffed command grab from Goro allowed Biohazard to clutch out the first game after enduring horrendous abuse in the corner. After narrowly losing the second game, a frustrated Destroyer brings out his Crystalline Tremor. His expert use of the armor buff quickly picked apart the holes in Biohazard’s offense, allowing him his chance to show Biohazard just how painful life in the corner could be. In response to Destroyer’s win, Biohazard switched to his Ruthless variation and showed his opponent what true rushdown was all about!

The Grand Finals would come down to Semiij’s Mileena and Biohazard’s Ferra/Torr. Fully aware of Ethereal Mileena’s mobility with her fade special, Biohazard anxiously tried to mount his offense as hard as possible, but Semiij responded with consistent anti-air rolls into devastating damage. Both players capitalized very well on the openings they managed to create after a crazy exchange of offense on the ground and in mid-air, but Biohazard’s troubles in pressuring and anti-airing Mileena cost him dearly. Semiij came out on top 3-0 with a clean Flawless Victory!

Congratulations to Semiij for winning StreamMe’s first Konquest! We hope to see all of this amazing talent back with us this Sunday for the second Kombat Cup weekly bracket, where even more points AND cash prizes are on the line! If you have not yet signed up, we recommend you do so at the link below! Please be advised that you must have a account to register.

Kombat Cup Week #2 Registration Page –

Final Results

1st – Semiij
Prize: 15 league points

2nd – cR Biohazard
Prize: 10 league points

3rd/4th – Circa | Destroyer
3rd/4th – Mutiny Starcharger
Prize: 10 league points

5th – Lord Raj (was forced to forfeit, awarded 10 league points)
5th – Traphustla101
5th – STDx | oD 2eZ
5th – SylverRye

Match Log


Semiij (Ethereal and Ravenous Mileena): 3 vs. Traphustla101 (Grandmaster Sub-Zero): 1

Starcharger28 (Assassin Kitana): 3 vs. oD 2Ez (Master of Souls and Mystic Ermac): 0

SylverRye (Flame Fist and Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang): 2 vs. cR Biohazard (Vicious Ferra/Torr): 3


Starcharger28 (Assassin Kitana): 0 vs. Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3

Destroyer (Dragon Fangs Goro and Crystalline Tremor): 1 vs. cR Biohazard (Vicious and Ruthless Ferra/Torr): 3

Grand Finals

Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3 vs. cR Biohazard (Vicious and Ruthless Ferra/Torr): 0

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