Semi-Finals Of American Overwatch Open Round 3 – EnVyUS vs. Fnatic

The Semi-Finals of the Overwatch Open happened yesterday (9/26), and the American teams, EnVyUS and Fnatic, make the last round of the Semi-Finals one to remember. StreamMe will give you guys a short recap of all the rounds in the semi-finals which you will find below. Remember the semi-finals are best of five rounds. You can watch all the VODs below the recaps as well.

          Round 1 – King’s Row

EnVyUS starts off this map taking the high ground and dropping in on the right side. they try and push on through Fnatic team up taking out key like Taimou and Talespin. Their second push takes them to the exact same spot to try again but now a few of them have their Ults. They tried to Nano-Boost InternetHulk’s Zarya but she gets pinned against the wall by Stoop who takes him out. While Buds stops Talespin and Taimou once again for a stop on the second push. EnVyUs still has two minutes on the clock. While Cocco tries to take out Buds’ Reaper, Reaper gets Nano-Boosted keeping him alive long enough to come back with his Death-Blossom to take out a few. He gets stopped almost immediately however by a sleep dart by Chipshajen. But Fnatic still puts a stop to EnVy’s third push. Fnatic continues to clean up not giving EnVy a leg to stand on. 25 seconds left they try again but get shutdown by a Nano-Boosted Zarya. EnvyUS scores no points.

Fnatic really came on strong here because they online needed one point to win. If you got up to get a drink or you blinked it was pretty much over. EnVyUS tried a different tactic which might have cost them the match but they came in using a Symmetra which is not a bad idea considering the map but unfortunately for them poorly executed. Fnatic drove through the defenses have IDDQD wheel around to the back as distraction and destroying InternetHulk’s teleporter. While Harryhook from EnVyUS takes out three in defense IDDQD takes out three on offense forcing back EnVy to regroup. This lets Fnatic send in a Nano-Boosted Buds (Reaper) tripping his Death Blossom to take out four of the EnVy players and two Symmetra turrets. This easily gave Fnatic the point winning this match.

          Match 2 – Lijiang Tower

Lijiang is a Control Map where it changes hands very often.

Point 1: Starting off EnVyUS looks like they will get the point first with Taimou getting a double kill but Fnatic comes back with a Nano-Boosted Reinhardt  and you see Stoop and Buds clearing the point to take control first. Fnatic keeping it alive only very shortly with triple kills on both sides and Harryhook’s Lucio keeps EnVy going to eventually kill off IDDQD’s Tracer in the point and take control. Fnatic at 39%.

EnVy fully stocked on Ults they seem to have it on lockdown but Fnatic keeps their ground and also quickly gains their Ults. EnVy’s Cocco drops a Graviton and Taimou goes whole hog to try and take out Fnatic but Stoop’s Reinhardt shield keeps them alive. and then they take out Chipshajen, Cocco, Harryhook, and Talespin and Fnatic takes the point once again with EnVy at 33%.

Just as the third push happens Taimou takes out a Nano-Boosted Buds with a hook clearing the floor and taking the fight to the point. Cocco taking out a few with a nearly fully charged Zarya and EnVy takes the point once more. Fnatic at 99%.

The Fnatic push is held off by Taimou  and Talespin doing their team up moves to take out Stoop while InternetHulk uses Winston for a quad kill and they continue to hold the point. EnVy continues to hold as Fnatic makes a break for the left side but gets held up by CoolMatt’s Graviton there is little escape. However, Buds gets a triple kill that makes it look Fnatic could take it but unfortunately Talespin, Taimou, and Harryhook are in the point waiting and they take out Buds and IDDQD wit little effort.

Final Push and CoolMatt comes in picks off Taimou. CoolMatt holds off Cocco as long as possible but doesn’t quite make it. Cocco take him out as well as Buds and secures the point give EnVy the First point in the match.

Point 2: nothing of merit happens until a minute in when Tailspin’s Tracer takes out one of Fnatic’s support and then their tank. after that Fnatic goes down rather quick and EnVyUS takes the point.

After a brief standoff Fnatic make their way to the back of the houses and try and push their way over the bridge. This is where the teamwork from EnVy pulls off terrifricly. InternetHulk shoots off a Graviton bomb, and then Chipshajen Nano-Boosts Taimou’s Wholehog and he just mows down Fnatic. They keep the point.

Final push for Fnatic was incredibly stopped by Taimou and a Nano-Boosted Cocco. Taimou hooks Ana, Tracer, and Reinhardt and takes them all out. then as Fnatic breaks into the point Cocco’s Reinhardt gets Nano-Boosted and starts pounding away on the offense. He follows up with a Earth Shatter and takes them out and EnVyUS wins the point again.

Point 3: Before the point unlocks EnVyUS found themselves in a tough spot with Taimou, Talespin, and Chips all taken out, so they back off and try to regroup while Fnatic has time to take the point. EnVy’s first official push starts promising. They put Buds to sleep just as he gets a Nano-Boosted, unfortunately someone else hits him and he wakes up going in for the kill. He frantically starts shooting but ultimately says “Screw it” and punches the Death Blossom and takes out Taimou and InternetHulk while Custa keeps him alive and Buds takes another two out with the help of Stoop. They keep the point.

The 2nd push goes a little more in EnVy’s favor with Talespin dealing out major damage to have his teammates clean up on but he also takes out the Reinhardt (Stoop) and Ana (Custa) to free up the point. and EnVyUs takes it. Fnatic with 78%.

Fnatic’s push last quite a while, no one really getting kills, or staggered so everyone is back in the fry before anyone else dies. Everyone playing so well, until the Ults start to let fly. As Fnatic regroups they come to the top area all grouped together. InternetHulk hits the WHOLE team with a Graviton while Talespin comes up and throws in a Pulse Bomb that takes no one! Buds  comes out in a Nano-Boosted rampage and takes out three off the bat. then takes out the others as he hunts them down. Killer! Fnatic takes the point. EnVy with 70%

As EnVyUS makes their way back its only a few seconds before overtime. Talespin looks to make up for that Pulse bomb miss and goes in hard as the rest of the team plays it safe and doing more damage. Talespin just looking to be a distraction as well. Fnatic takes out EnVy’s support but they trudge through. Talespin comes in and takes out Stoop and CoolMatt (the two tanks) with a Pulse bomb. HarryHook lets off Sound Barrier and this gives Cocco (minus the two tanks) a shot at just swinging the hammer to take out Fnatic and EnVy takes back the point. Fnatic at 99%.

Finally, Fnatic makes their last push, But Taimou comes out with Whole Hog as well as a Nano-Boosted Reinhardt (Cocco) and they just nail Fnatic. CoolMatt keeps his cool as Zarya and gives them a fight but ultimately taken out.  As Fnatic tries and regroup quickly InternetHulk hits them with a Graviton outside the point was the Overtime timer runs out and EnVyUS takes keeps the point and wins the round.

          Match 3 – Dorado

EnVyUS starts with the Payload and Fnatic as we normally see with them let EnVY move the Payload up to the courtyard, where they almost immediately take out Talespin’s Pharrah and IDDQD as McCree takes out three more. EnVy quickly backs off to regroup. They come in strong with Talespin taking out IDDQD’s havoc as he was Nano-Boosted. He also takes out Buds, misses being pulled into a Graviton by CoolMatt and then teams up with Chipshajen to take out the Reinhardt before being taken out. Then HarryHook gives him the Revive. EnVy takes point one. As they push forward, Fnatic comes back with a one-two punch by taking out Talespin who has been giving them real trouble up until now. He was even Nano-Boosted but Buds’ Reaper took him out just after Lucío’s Sound Barrier popped. Meanwhile, HarryHook tried so hard to keep his teammates love but Fnatic shut them down. The second push up EnVy comes into with no Ults so it seems difficult..and it was. CoolMatt shot off his Graviton as Buds and a Nano-Boosted Stoop (Reinhardt) make quick work of EnVy. However, fortunately for EnVy, InternetHulk didn’t go down and as Stoop makes his retreat he gets sleep darted and doesn’t make it after that. Internet hulk chases Fnatic out as the rest of his team follows up to start moving the load again. They get point two as Cocco throws in a Graviton and Talespin takes out three of Fnatic with a pumped up Pharrah. Point 3 was taken with amazing teamwork from EnVy. Combo moves with Chips and Talesspin, shield and Resurrections by HarryHook and Cocco. All worked seamlessly together until the Talespin Rocket Barrage double kill at the end gaining EnVy all three points.

In a familiar tactic usually seen by Fnatic, EnVyUS lets Fnatic drive the payload up to the courtyard. IDDQD as Tracer gets in to try and separate and become a pain in the butt just putting on damage where he can. However, after losing their support Fnatic back tracks a little to regroup. the push back however was pretty uneventful. Talespin sends out his Blizzard to take out Stoop but gets taken out himself also. Cocco gets a few kills including on IDDQD and the push was over. The push again hard getting Buds Death blossom to take out two and IDDQD getting another two helping them push the payload along to the checkpoint with 30 seconds left. IDDQD changes to McCree to try and give more background damage unfortunately gets taken out by a Nano-Boosted Cocco. Stoop, Custa, and CoolMatt hold their own for a while but EnVy shuts them down once again. Fnatic’s last push was also uneventful.. they were taken out by a Graviton and EnVyUS went in as a team to kill them all ending the match.

          Match 4 – Nepal

Much like match two, Nepal  is a Control Map where it changes hands very often.

Point 1: Stoop gets taken out almost instant getting hooked by Taimou and then blown off the side by HarryHook. This opens up EnVyUs to push back Fnatic and take the point. During the second push, Talespin takes out the Reinhardt once again with a Pulse Bomb  while Taimou gets a hook on CoolMatt and EnVy keeps hold of the point. During the third push, however, Fnatic takes out Cocco with IDDQD’s Pulse bomb and sends in Buds with a Death Blossom triple kill and moves in to take the point. EnVy with 73%.

Buds keeps a lock down on the point for EnVy’s first push. Quickly getting his Ult back and even with EnVy’s Sound Barrier up he takes out Vonethil and Tailspin, with a Nano-Boosted Death Blossom. As EnVy falls away to regroup, Fnatic meets them at the door. CoolMatt throws out a Graviton and Buds goes in for a quad kill to team wipe EnVy. This gives Fnatic the lead on point one. EnVy goes for a another push with the full team. Fnatic leaves the point to try and accost EnVy and end up losing the point through a sneak around. Fnatic with 92%

Buds has his Ult again and goes to use it in the point but gets put to sleep by Custa and gets taken out of the point after InternetHulk fall on him with Winston. Fnatic gets pushed back while EnVy holds the point.  However they chase them out with Harryhook and Cocco giving EnVy a run for their money to regroup. Fnatic take it back. EnVy at 97%

They come right back in with Cocco and InternetHulk teaming up and taking out Vonethil, CoolMatt, and IDDQD. They immediately get the point back to take 97% to 100% and the point win.

Point 2: The teams meet head to head but Cocco completely dominates as Reinhardt and takes one person after another, even taking out Vonethil with a Firestrike and EnVy takes the point. Fnatic comes right back though and takes out Cocco putting him to sleep first (right after this Earth Shatter, which totally wastes it) and then Stoop taking him out. Then they all tam up to take out Talespin, InternetHulk, and Chipshajen as they take the point. EnVyUS with 34%

Fnatic starts this now with four Ults and takes the fight to EnVy. The most mind blowing part of this push is Buds takes out HarryHook JUST as he tries to use Sound Barrier. Lucío has to jump up and then connect with the ground to release the barrier but mid air Buds takes him out with the plain ol’ Reaper guns and does let it go off. EnVy’s next push though is nothing short of amazing. InternetHulk’s Zarya through out the Graviton while Talesping sneaks around the back of Reinhardt’s shield and Lays down a Pulse Bomb. This takes out Vonethil, Stoop, Custa, while a Nano-bootsed Cocco takes out the rest. EnVy grabs the point. Fnatic with 62%.

IDDQD falls rather quickly int he beginning of this push and Buds gets Nano-Boosted but immediately gets put to sleep which wastes that special. Then Cocco hunts him down swinging the hammer and takes Buds out. Everyone else taken out too EnVy holds on to the point. Taimou uses Dead Eye on the next push and also gets Nano-Boosted to take out Buds Death Blossom and IDDQD and get the team wipe shortly thereafter to get the point.

Point 3: EnVy thing to shut this down hard having 2 points already. They immediately take down Vonethil, Stoop, and IDDQD. Taimou takes out Buds with a flash & hammer combo and EnVy takes the point. During the first push Fnatic loses Buds right off the bat with Taimou’s Dead Eye. Taimou gets taken out right after that but EnVy is able to take out Custa and CoolMatt making Fnatic backtrack a little to regroup. Cocco gets Nano-Boosed by Chiphajen and starts the onslaught of Reinhardt’s hammer with a quad kill. The next push InternetHulk lets out a Graviton while Talespin moves in for the Pulse bomb taking out CoolMatt. EnVy reaches 99% and Overtime clock starts but Fnatic is only able to trickle in but not able to take anyone out. Eventually EnVyUS takes the point AND the game.

After only four out of 5 matches EnVyUS takes out Fnatic. Stick around for more coverage in the Finals of the Overwatch Open here with StreamMe.

   Final Score

Fnatic – 1          EnVyUS – 3

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