Second CFN Beta for @StreetFighter V will be on PS4 and PC on May 11-14!

As Capcom promised, players will gain access to a second CFN beta for Street Fighter V in the middle of this month. But here’s an improvement: rather than being restricted to PC players only, the beta will be available on both the PC and Playstation 4 platforms so that the online cross-play feature for the new CFN can be tested thoroughly by Capcom.

The second beta will be available for download on May 11-14 at no cost to any players. So even if you don’t own Street Fighter V, you will be able to get a dose of the magic behind the game within two weeks from today!

As per the first beta, this demo will be used to test the new features that Capcom plans to integrate into the updated CFN. But here’s an extra twist: all of the characters currently released for SFV, DLC included, will be playable…and that includes the third mystery character for the Season 2 lineup! Recent clues point towards Ed as the third character although Capcom has yet to give an official confirmation – see this post for an explanation about Ed’s “leak.”

See below for a full list of the features to be tested in the beta. This information is taken from Capcom’s latest post at their Capcom-Unity blog.

  • Rage Quit Penalty System
  • Ranked and Casual Match Loading Times
  • Battle Lounge Country Flags
  • Matchmaking Improvements
  • Fighter Profile Stats
  • Country / League Based Rankings
  • Friend Management System
  • Interactive Timeline
  • In-Game Announcer Voice

Because of this second beta, Capcom has opted to delay the arrival of the Season 2.5 balance changes for SFV, which were initially scheduled for the end of April. While no release date has been given, we suspect that they will be released after this beta’s conclusion…possibly near the end of May. Stay tuned for details.

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