Schalke 04 To Host Scouting Event for League of Legends Players

Schalke 04 has announced the launch of their Schalke 04 Scouting Days 2016, a scouting event that will be used to build a pre-season League of Legends roster.

ESports enthusiasts, both new and old, are being invited to participate in a five day event that will be held at the VELTINS Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The five players deemed the best in their role will be taken to Warsaw, Poland, to compete in the GEFORCE Cup as Schalke 04’s official new roster.

The organization posted the deadline for registration as 11:59pm CEST on October 18th. When it came for basic requirements that must be met by applicants, Schalke 04 only demanded that parties interested must have reached at least master division on the EU ladder, which would be proved by submitting your summoner name in the your application via email.

“By complementing the Scouting Days, we maintain our solid foundation of youth development,” said Tim Reichert, Schalke 04’s Head of Esport, “Therefore, we use our experience and resources in the identical way to our traditional sports. Looking at the amount of important factors involved in successful, long-lasting teamwork; one of our top priorities has always been to not only reach out to professional players but also to the uncut diamonds in the scene.”

Schalke 04 purchased the EU LCS Summer 2016 seed from Elements, as well as their entire roster, earlier this year in May, making them the second traditional sports organization to sign a League of Legends team. It is likely that, should the selected team from the scouting event stick around, they will serve as a sister team in the Challenger Series for the upcoming 2017 spring split.

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