Scarlett to Be the First Woman to Compete in GSL Code S

One of the most well-known StarCraft II competitors in the west is about to further prove her skills as an ace Zerg-user.

Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn, Canadian Zerg player for Team Expert (Formerly Team Acer), has qualified for the 2017 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 Code S, which will make her the first female to compete in the premier-level Korean league. Not only is she the first woman to advance to GSL Code S, but she will be the first foreigner to participate in the league since 2013, when Ilyes “Stephano” Satouri played, and is the first foreigner to qualify for Code S through an open qualifier.

Scarlett most recently placed 8th-10th at World Cyber Arena 2016, where she lost all three of her matches in group stage, and 17th-24th at Homestory Cup XIV. Tuesday saw Scarlett advance through the GSL Season 1 qualifier with Kim “her0” Joon-ho, who was defeated by Scarlett in the group semifinals but managed to move forward after removing Ahn “Seed” Sang-won from the competition in the lower bracket finals.

With the vast majority of her career spent as an active member of Team Acer, which dissolved in 2016 only to return in spirit as Team Expert, Scarlett has made a name for herself as one of the most prominent female player in competitive StarCraft II, joining retired Seo “ToSsGirL” Ji-soo and Kim “Aphrodite” Ga-young. Her personal playstyle includes a Creep spread that can stretch to opposing bases by the time of a decisive engagement, and a favor for Zerglings, Banelings, and Mutalisks. She was also noted to be one of the first players in the scene to use Infested Terrans to bait Widow Mine hits. In 2016 Guinness World Records recognized Scarlett as the world’s highest-earning female professional gamer, having accrued a total of $144,414 over the course of her storied career.

Code S will pit Scarlett against some of Korea’s top star players, including Lee “INnoVation” Shin-hyung and Han “ByuL” Ji-won who recently placed 1st and 3rd-4th at IEM Gyeonggi. While it’s unlikely that she will be capable of dominating the rest of the competition, as she has historically struggled to match the skill level of her peers in a way that leaves her rarely placing in top four, it’s possible that Scarlett will be able to beat Jonathan “Jinro” Walsh’s record of the longest run in GSL as a foreigner, who placed 3rd-4th in GSL Code S 2011.

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