Savage Hospitalized Days Before WESG Qualifier

Bin “Savage” Liu, AWPer for Vici Gaming’s Counter-Strike Global Offensive lineup, VG.CyberZen, will not be participating in the Asia Pacific Finals this weekend due to a recent head trauma, the team announced Wednesday.

Describing the incident as a simple slip and fall accident, Vici Gaming confirmed that Savage’s injury was extreme enough to put him into a brief coma and required twelve stitches. The hospital is keeping Savage under observation for a few days to determine that no serious complications will arise from the injury.

Savage joined Vici Gaming when the CyberZen lineup was acquired by the organization in March of 2016, which had been formed in November of 2015 by the disbanded QeeYou roster. The twenty-seven-year-old previously played Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Online competitively under teams such as TyLoo and NEW4, not making the transition to Global Offensive until 2015 with the pow lineup. Taking his place at the qualifier will be EHOME’s Tzu-Chi “Marek” Huang.

The APAC finals on November 10th – 13th will be VG.CyberZen’s final chance at qualifying for the World Electronic Sports Games 2016 main event after losing to TyLoo at the WESG Chinese finals in October. They have been placed in Group A against Fire Dragon E-sports, Team Immunity and parallax.

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