RZR Fuudo and @WOLFKRONE have qualified from @EL Group C playoffs!

If you missed out on the Group C playoffs at ELEAGUE last night, you’ve been denied the pleasure of a godly display of skill.

Six players met at the G-Fuel arena in Atlanta to fight for an opportunity at the Top 8 finals for the ELEAGUE SFV Invitational, a 32-player event where competitors are invited to compete for a prize pool of $250,000. These players were:

  • Echo Fox Tokido
  • RZR Xian
  • Wolfkrone
  • RZR Fuudo
  • MOV
  • Splyce FChamp

Every exhibition we’ve seen from these guys has been mind-blowing! Sadly, only two of these players could proceed to the final phase of the invitational. By the end of the night, the final results for the Group C playoffs were decided! See below.

Big congrats to both RZR Fuudo and Wolfkrone for making it out of the Group C bracket and into the finals bracket! Close calls have been had literally every five seconds (seriously, you’d’ve had to see it to believe it), to the point where Wolfkrone almost gave up two consecutive sets after quickly taking a commanding lead. Fortunately, that streak came to an end when he defeated Xian’s Ibuki to escape his pool from the Loser’s side.

This continues an interesting streak that was born since the night of the Group A playoffs. One Japanese player and one American player have qualified from each bracket in ELEAGUE thus far. However, Fuudo is the first Japanese player to have escaped his pool in the Winner’s side whereas Daigo Umehara and Echo Fox Momochi made it out in Loser’s. Meanwhile, fellow Americans PR Balrog and PG Punk are sitting comfortably in Winner’s.

Could this perhaps be the sign of a World War 3 in the finals?! (speaking in FGC terms, of course)

If you’re looking to catch up on the action,┬ásee this archive from ELEAGUE’s YouTube page. Make sure you grab some snacks before you start watching!

Additionally, below is a Twitter post that will take you to a photo gallery where memories of the ELEAGUE Group C playoffs have been immortalized. Definitely worth browsing through!

The ELEAGUE invitational continues next Friday at 10 P.M. EST with their Group D playoffs, the end result of which will determine the final two competitors that will make it into the finale. Like before, the playoffs will be broadcast through multiple mediums, including YouTube TV and the TBS network. Tune in that night…you don’t want to miss out!

Of course, it would be a truly amazing experience to watch the competition from a front-row seat. If you live in Atlanta or near it, or you happen to have plans to be in the area next weekend, consider purchasing a ticket to the ELEAGUE G-Fuel arena right now! Go to www.eleague.com/tickets to get your ticket now!

Which players will take the spotlight in the Group D playoffs, you ask? You ain’t ready for the answer…

  • Liquid Nuckledu
  • Ryan Hart
  • Phenom
  • Chris Tatarian
  • Xiao Hai
  • Luffy

It should be noted that Nuckledu is the reigning champion from last year’s Capcom Cup. The fact that he came out as the Rank 1 player from their preliminaries a month ago is definitely evidence of his achievement. However, the rest of the group consists of players who are just as threatening, such as Xiao Hai who won the ESL Brooklyn Beatdown back in October.

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will survive these playoffs. Who do you believe will make it into the finals next Friday?! Tell us your thoughts on Twitter!

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