Watch The Rust Conquest Monthly League Here On Stream.Me

If you are looking for something to do between the holidays you can look to Stream.Me and uHostPro to help you out. The Rust Conquest Monthly League  announced today that fans can watch the stream right on the Stream.Me website.


Rust: Team Conquest is a tournament where teams of four compete to destroy each other’s banner. Last banner standing wins the match. Each team is allowed 4 players, and each should have their own specialty. A good team consists of a resource gatherer, a scout, a builder, and a crafter is a good way to start planning. If a team plans wisely and trains up their men, they should be prepared to face off against an equally good team.

The game is centered around how fast you and your team can work together to build. Time is of the essence! There are two main stages played in-game:

“The first stage is the Build Period, so gather up and stockpile on materials as this will be the only time you can do so without being slaughtered by the opposing team.

“The next stage is PvP. Use what you’ve built to defeat the opposing team.”

You don’t have much time but if you want to join in you can do so at  You and three friends can actually sign up to be a part of the competition. As of now, you have until the date of the competition but do not procrastinate if you feel up to the challenge. The first place prize is $1,000 and anyone can join in the fun. The Rust Conquest Monthly League starts Dec. 6th at 9pm GMT.