RTFM @Kaneandtrench wins the Tekken 7 UK Championship!

Over at the United Kingdom, sixteen of the world’s best Tekken 7 players converged at the London Comic Con to participate in the finale of the Tekken 7 UK Championship, where only the best of the best would qualify at five events throughout the UK and Ireland! For hours, competitors fell by the wayside while others maintained their fighting spirit without tiring.

Moments ago, our champion was crowned after narrowly losing the first set in Grand Finals, thereby causing a bracket reset. We’d like to congratulate RTFM Kaneandtrench for becoming the Tekken 7 UK Champion!

Winner’s Finals

RTFM Kaneandtrench (Yoshimitsu): 3 vs. CKT Fergus (Asuka): 2

Loser’s Semifinals

CKT Spaghetti RIP (Eddy): 2 vs. District G – The Phantom (Master Raven): 0

Loser’s Finals

CKT Fergus (Katarina): 3 vs. CKT Spaghetti RIP (Asuka and Jack-6): 1

Grand Finals Set 1

RTFM Kaneandtrench (Yoshimitsu): 2 vs. CKT Fergus (Asuka): 3

Grand Finals Set 2

RFTM Kaneandtrench (Yoshimitsu): 3 vs. CKT Fergus (Asuka): 0

Tournament Results

1st Place: RTFM Kaneandtrench
2nd Place: CKT Fergus
3rd Place: CKT Spaghetti Rip
4th Place: District G – The Phantom
5th Place Tie: The Truth and Dinosaur
7th Place Tie: BonusJin and CKT NeedsMoarCoffee
9th Place Tie: MBA EX-Soldier, RTFM RooKang, W3D DJay_Voo and RFTM Asim
13th Place Tie: Nino, ED KNX, Amouage King and CKT Elemental Deity

The complete bracket can be reviewed at this link.

This event definitely raised the bar for competitive Tekken in Europe, featuring match-ups no-one in the community expected to see – in the finals of all places! Predictions crumbled whereas others shone as shocking twists rocked every match on the stream. With Tekken 7 set to arrive on consoles in a week, we’re truly excited for the future of competitive Tekken!

RTFM Kaneandtrench now proudly wears the belt that signifies his status as the best Tekken player in the United Kingdom – and he’s also won a nice limited edition package for the franchise. Congratulations to him for the well-earned victory!

This marks the first of five events for the FGC to enjoy throughout the weekend. What to watch next? Hit up this article for your answers! As for Tekken itself, you can catch more competitive play at Combo Breaker 2017 in Illinois.

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