EDM Producer/Gamer, Steve Aoki, Buys Share of Rogue

As with the last few weeks, you can now add another name to the growing list of ‘People buying into eSports teams’. EDM producer, Steve Aoki, can now be added to the list of celebrity investors in professional gaming teams.

The long-haired DJ announced this weekend that he is now an proud investor in the team Rogue, who plays Overwatch and Counter-Strike. He made the announcement during his set at TwitchCon this past Sunday.

According to ESPN, Aoki will work with Rogue in the areas such as brand development since Rogue is a fairly new team, having only formed back in May. Aoki stated,

“As many of my fans know, I’ve been a gamer all my life and have been getting more and more involved in Esports. I can finally take my love for gaming to the next level as an owner of Rogue, the professional esports team. As an avid player of Overwatch, their dominance caught my eye and after getting to know them, I realized that we shared the same goals and interests in team building and competition.”

Rogue CEO Frank Villarreal told ESPN that Aoki turned out to be a great fit.

“We couldn’t be happier to be working with Steve because he has such a genuine excitement for the esports community. Our organization was expanding to the point where we wanted to bring on another partner. We couldn’t be happier that we met Steve when we did. His genuine passion for the esports scene was exactly what we were looking for.”


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