Robin Character Breakdown this Wednesday on the Watchtower!

Last Wednesday, NRS took us for another tour through their upcoming DC brawler to demonstrate the abilities of two new characters coming to the franchise: Cheetah and Swamp Thing. If you missed out on this double breakdown, check out this post to catch up.

Much to the delight of the community, we are getting another character breakdown this Wednesday on the Watchtower at 3 P.M. CST! Perhaps a well-chosen schedule when you consider that their next fighter is set to be revealed this Thursday, according to the official Injustice website.

So which character are we learning about this time? None other than the Boy Wonder, Robin!

If the readers recall, we’d been treated to a first glimpse at Robin’s gameplay two months ago via the Watchtower and IGN. Perhaps it will give us an idea of what to expect this Wednesday…unless the design team made any adjustments to his mechanics since the curtain was lifted. To enjoy a blast from the past, watch Robin’s trailer below.

The Twitter post above also hints towards a second character to be shared with the viewers on NRS’s stream channel, although they have not dropped any names. So now the question becomes, who will share the spotlight with Robin this week?

While you desperately seek out ways to pass the time, we’d like to point out that Cheetah’s introductory video has been made available via the official Injustice YouTube page. You should already be familiar with her gameplay, but perhaps you’ll enjoy another demonstration of her combat prowess as well as a brief exchange of dialogue with Wonder Woman. Enjoy!

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