Rise Nation enters the SFV scene by signing @MarnORZ !

Rise Nation takes its first steps into the world of the FGC by signing Marn, a top-notch player from the Street Fighter V scene!

In 2014, Rise Nation attracted the spotlight when they picked up a strong roster for the Call of Duty World Championship. Two years later it would expand upon its horizons by supporting players for other esports titles such as Overwatch and Madden. Now that 2017 is upon us, Rise Nation vows to surpass itself by capitalizing on increased interest in the FGC.

As a step towards keeping that vow, they have signed Marn, one of the players who is fortunate enough to be invited to the ELEAGUE SFV Invitational taking place in Atlanta at the end of March. That event will begin running its course on March 27th and it will be broadcast via TBS every Friday night beginning April.

Marn is one of the longtime FGC veterans whose roots date back to 2000, an era where the Internet wasn’t quite as widespread and streams had yet to take off. Eventually, Evil Geniuses would sign him onto their roster in 2009, but Marn would depart the organization two years later. For over a half-decade, he continued to compete while representing only himself, placing Top 5 at a few of the events he attended. To this day, his biggest accomplishment involves conquering what is known by many as the “Pool of Death” at last year’s NorCal Regionals.

Marn had been approached by many sponsors, but he’d turned all of them down as he felt that they weren’t quite the right fit for him. This would continue until Rise Nation came into the picture and picked him up. The timing is quite appropriate as Marn has become a notable competitor in the world’s biggest fighting game esport to date.

As quoted by Marn: “With Kahreem, Rodger and the entire organization’s support, I can focus on my play and becoming the best player I can be. Look forward to a lot more MaRN this year and going forward!”

We welcome Rise Nation to the fighting game community and we also congratulate Marn for this amazing opportunity! We’ll be looking forward to seeing him work his magic at ELEAGUE!

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Source: Rise Nation’s Website