Riot Outlines the Abilities of Their Latest Champion, Camille

Along with a ten-second teaser video, Riot Games posted a short comic that would reveal the most recent champion to be added to the League of Legends roster: Camille. That comic showed us that Camille is a strong, authoritative figure that cared about maintaining order within Piltover: the City of Progress. Today, we get to see what exactly she can do within Summoner’s Rift.

To put it simply, Camille is a very fast, very precise, and very aggressive duelist. She has no burst damage but, rather, she utilizes rapid attacks that deal a consistent amount of damage to a single target. Riot defines her attack style as a, “Better performer in a one-on-one dance.” This makes her an excellent choice for solo laning, but puts her in a tight spot where a player must make very careful decisions in teamfights; this makes Camille a better choice for someone who is very experienced in the game as opposed to someone who is still new.

For a full breakdown of each ability, you can refer to the following chart:

Ability Description
Adaptive Defenses (Passive) Basic attacks grant Camille a shield that is based off of her maximum health and her opponent’s primary damage type.
Precision protocol (Q) This slashes the enemy for bonus physical damage and grants Camille a brief burst of movement speed. Precision Protocol can be used a second time, but waiting to do so will allow her to deal more damage and make some of that bonus damage true damage. Both are auto-attack resets.
Tactical Sweep (W) Camille slashes an indicated area with her razor legs. Enemies who are hit in the outer-half of the sweep are slowed and will take more damage based off of their maximum HP, which heals the champion.
Hookshot/Wall Dive (E) Camille jumps to a targeted part of the map using her hip wires in the first cast of E, where she will then be able to cast E a second time for Wall Dive. Wall Dive will have Camille rush in a direction of the player’s choosing; if they dash at a champion then the range is increased and she will gain a bonus attack speed. Additionally, she will stun every other enemy within range. This can be used to navigate over terrain.
Hextech Ultimatum (R) Camille jumps into an enemy champion and drops a hexagon-shaped field on the map that will imprison them while knocking away allies. While the field is active, Camille’s basic attacks deal additional magic damage. The prison will deactivate prematurely if Camille leaves it at any point, otherwise it will deactivate on its own after approximately four seconds.

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