RevetLeafing wins Kombat Cup Week 7!

We at Stream.Me are happy to bring you the results for the Kombat Cup’s seventh weekly bracket, which, like the previous six weeks, carries its share of unforeseen twists and turns…especially the Grand Finals!

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SonicFox, no longer sponsored by Critical Reaction, goes up against yungmonster12, a Jacqui Briggs player who is a newcomer to the Kombat Cup league. Sonic’s Sektor is dismantled so suddenly it was like the first game had finished in a split-second, and such an outcome leaves the audience in awe. However, SonicFox instantly goes into beast mode, switching to Hollywood Cassie Cage. The fox expertly weaves through yungmonster’s constant zoning and takes advantage of yungmonster’s backward jumps to take three consecutive games, effectively winning the set 3-1!

Next, PG Scar takes on Noble BeyondToxin, a familiar face from the NRS competitive scene who makes his Top 8 debut tonight! The two immediately demonstrate their space control in a way that slows down the pace of the match, with Scar’s B2 going fairly even with Toxin’s Mystic push. Scar also mixes up his offense with strings into fade, alternating between empty staggers and cancelling into Smoke Bomb, and a very unpredictable use of the EX Teleport overhead which catches Toxin completely unawares. Toxin answers back with staggers off his B1 2 string and a high success rate of forcing Scar off him with his EX Push, but all his attempts to retreat are called out by Scar who counters with anti-air uppercuts and attack strings that keep him in his opponent’s face, where he thrives. While all three matches were neck-and-neck, Scar ultimately prevails 3-0!

Tweedy, now a player representing Noble Gaming alongside his comrade Toxin, takes on GTG Semiij in the third set. As Semiij is the defending champion from last week, domination from him was expected, but Tweedy pulls out some surprising tech that completely shuts down Semiij’s use of the Fade, giving him a quick first win. Now on edge, Semiij goes to Ravenous Mileena, but still finds himself struggling to keep up with Tweedy’s damage output despite landing a respectable amount of overhead pounces. Whenever the players were within close range, the stand-offs practically took minutes before the silence was broken by D1 inputs. With Tweedy up 2-0, Semiij goes to Smoke for a last stand, but this decision subjects him to Tweedy’s apparent option select against his teleport once more, effectively keeping him in the center of Kenshi’s mix-up game. Semiij eventually falls 0-3 to Tweedy, a huge outcome that defies countless predictions!

For the last quarterfinals set, RevetLeafing takes on Dragon, who has also joined forces with the Noble team. The two engage in an Edenien brawl consisting of Revet’s Pyromancer Tanya and Dragon’s Royal Storm Kitana. Dragon tries valiantly to win out in the zoning war, but fails due to Revet’s use of the dark shroud which enhances all chip damage caused by her fireballs. The instant-air drills also add another layer to Tanya’s mix-up game which Dragon struggles to fend off, and nearly all of Dragon’s attempts to set up the float meta-game for knockdowns were foiled by RevetLeafing’s lightning-quick reactions! Finally, a crucial D1 poke leading into a blockstring spells out defeat for the young Dragon. RevetLeafing takes the set 3-1, a victory that marks a promising start for his climb up the Kombat Cup rankings!

For the first semifinals match, we are promised a classic: Sonic vs. Scar! The two run it back from their last encounter with the same character match-up of Smoke vs. Sektor. After a brutal tussle, Scar bets it all on an X-ray that gets blocked and punished by the ketchup-colored cyborg, awarding Sonic his first win. However, Scar makes a quick recovery to out-manuever Sonic in a back-and-forth struggle of counter-pokes after blockstrings. Sonic’s missiles also see a somewhat limited use as Scar comes prepared with counters to any set-ups involving them, even after blockstrings. Near the end of the set, Scar injects another dose of EX Teleport savagery that shuts down Sonic’s mentality completely! Scar’s 3-1 victory over SonicFox signifies another earth-shattering upset for the night, as we are now looking at our first Grand Finals without a returning champion (short of Week 4 where Sonic was absent)!

Noble Tweedy takes up arms against RevetLeafing to avenge his fallen Noble warriors. Revet, using Kobu Jutsu Tanya, immediately discourages Tweedy’s use of Kenshi’s infamous wake-up attack by timing the B1’s second hit so that it hits Kenshi right when the armor wears off. With a win under Revet’s belt, his confidence skyrockets, but Tweedy reminds us all that his EX overhead has uses for situations other than waking up, and this adjustment combined with his improved defense helps him to tie the set 1-1. Revet switches right back to his primary variation in Pyromancer and flusters Tweedy with so many fireballs, the screen is practically flooded. While Tweedy manages to contest the zoning fairly well, Revet’s offensive game is just as intimidating with the dark shroud backing it. Revet eventually takes out Tweedy 3-1, and the Noble team’s dreams of victory are ended!

Having achieved a great victory against the fox, PG Scar’s confidence couldn’t be higher as he takes on RevetLeafing in Grand Finals. However, the threats of Revet’s backfist and mobility cause him to freeze up, subjecting the PG representative to an onslaught of staggered lows and overheads. A larger fraction of the games takes place at the right side of the screen as both players constantly trade corner control with one another, with Revet winning a lot of the exchanges. Scar contests the teleports with NJP attempts only for Revet to retreat to a distance so he can continue his fireball game, which Scar does not challenge with any teleports of his own! With such an impressive display, RevetLeafing claims a 3-0 victory in the Grand Finals!

Congratulations to RevetLeafing for becoming our newest Kombat Cup champion! Tanya’s legacy, once ended by nerfs from the XL launch, has begun anew!

Final Results

1st – RevetLeafing
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – PG Scar
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Noble Tweedy
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – SonicFox
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – Noble Dragon
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – GTG Semiij
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Noble BeyondToxin
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – yungmonster12
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


SonicFox (Sektor and Hollywood Cassie Cage): 3 vs. yungmonster12 (Full Auto Jacqui Briggs): 1

PG Scar (Smoke): 3 vs. Noble BeyondToxin (Mystic Ermac): 0

GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena, Ravenous Mileena and Smoke): 0 vs. Noble Tweedy (Possessed Kenshi): 3

Noble Dragon (Royal Storm Kitana): 1 vs. RevetLeafing (Pyromancer Tanya): 3


SonicFox (Sektor): 1 vs. PG Scar (Smoke): 3

Noble Tweedy (Possessed Kenshi): 1 vs. RevetLeafing (Kobu Jutsu Tanya and Pyromancer Tanya): 3

Grand Finals

PG Scar (Smoke): 0 vs. RevetLeafing (Pyromancer Tanya): 3

With the closing of Week 7, a new presence is defending our throne. Will Revet continue his reign next week, or will another kombatant step forward to shake things up? That very kombatant could be YOU, and you can seize this opportunity by signing up for the Kombat Cup at this page. Entry is FREE. Keep in mind that the league is held on the Playstation 4 for North American players ONLY.

If you did not make it to the Top 4 tonight, you can sign up for tomorrow’s Konquest bracket to attempt to claim some points in redemption. See this page for information.

We thank Mr Aquaman and FGC Echo for giving us an enjoyable commentary and broadcast of the Top 8! For sticking with us all the way, we are grateful for them, and we’ll be seeing them back this Sunday for Week 8!

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