REUNITED Talks Sales With Major Sports Teams

Following the lead of many other eSports teams in the past couple of months, it has been revealed that REUNITED is currently in sales talks with teams from the NBA, Premier League, and Bundesliga.

Originally formed from Fnatic’s professional Battlefield team, REUNITED is an organization whose rise in eSports has been entirely off the back of their Overwatch team, despite not getting very far in the Overwatch Open. After playing Overwatch for Fnatic in the first beta period, the players decided to leave the Fnatic umbrella to create their own organization. While they’ve lost their crown since the beta competitions, since the game’s release they have still proven themselves to be undoubtedly in the upper ranks of the competition. In August 2016, REUINTED acquired ZOWIE and Sennheiser Gaming as sponsors

However, despite those two sponsors, the team still feels they are lacking the resources of some of the more prominent eSports organizations. REUINTED are now looking to sell to one of the many traditional sports teams looking to expand into eSports, in order to ensure their place in the upcoming league.”

The report by The Esports Observer comes just weeks after the announcement of the Overwatch League, Blizzard’s attempt to create an Overwatch league in a more traditional sports format. With teams set to bid for locations, it will presumably take significant resources to acquire a spot.

“As one of the best teams in the world, it is absolutely crucial that we make it into the league,” REUINTED manager Frederik “Kragh” Christensen explained to The Esports Observer. “So yes, we are in talks with clubs from NBA, Premier League, and Bundesliga, as we cannot do this by ourselves. REUINTED is likely going to be acquired prior to the upcoming Overwatch League. And certainly, other eSports teams will look to partner up with other sports teams moving towards the league. We didn’t finalize a deal yet and are still open to offers.”


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