Return of the Kombat King

Before we start, props to anybody able to identify the movie that inspired the first half of this article’s title. 😉

As Week 5 of the Kombat Cup draws to a close, we would like to remind everybody that the Top 8 is set for tomorrow at 8 P.M. EST, as it is for every week. This Top 8 will feature the return of cR SonicFox, who has already claimed victory in the first three weeks of the league but was not present to defend his throne on the fourth week, which means that for the time being, GTG Semiij, who is also a returning kombatant for this Top 8, holds the crown. Whether this will change or not is extremely hard to tell, because countless storylines have unfolded since the beginning of the league! We encourage you to not miss out! Above is the bracket for tomorrow night.

As with every week, this bracket features a delectable mixture of new faces and returning warriors! We’ll leave it to you to make your predictions. The broadcast will occur at so make sure you are following that page!

As for Konquest, it will not be hosted this week due to Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday. We at Stream.Me want to wish you kombatants an amazing holiday! We’ll see you again this Sunday when Kombat Cup’s sixth week starts up!

In the meantime, you do not have to wait to sign up for any of our brackets! Just go here to sign up for any and/or all of our Kombat Cup and Konquest brackets. Make sure you bookmark the page and raise awareness through your social media accounts!

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Stream.Me!

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