Results for Group A and B Preliminaries at @EL!

This week, the competition erupts over at the ELEAGUE studio in Atlanta, GA! The preliminaries for Groups A and B have been an absolute blast to witness, and we now have the results to share with you!

For those wondering how ELEAGUE’s SFV invitational works, they have invited a total of thirty-two Street Fighter V players to compete on live television for a prize pool of $250,000. These players have been separated into four groups of eight. The players in each group will face off against one another with the goal of winning as many matches as possible.

Starting this Monday and lasting until Thursday, each group will convene at the ELEAGUE studio to participate in the preliminaries. When the final results are tallied up, the two players with the lowest standings in each group will be eliminated from the invitational while the survivors advance to the next phase of the tournament, which is set for April 7th.

So far, Groups A and B have completed their runs this week. See below for the results!

If you’re surprised by the outcomes right now, just wait until Group C hits the stage today at 4 P.M. Eastern! The following players will be featured in this bracket:

  • Echo Fox Tokido
  • RZR Fuudo
  • MOV
  • Splyce FChamp
  • RZR Xian
  • EG K-Brad
  • Wolfkrone
  • Gootecks

Group D will be featured tomorrow at the same time and location. Results will be shared here once the last two groups have been reduced to six players each.

Don’t forget that ELEAGUE will be live on TBS every Friday evening at 10 P.M. EST! Preliminaries will receive a recap lasting up to one hour, but the Top 8 finals on May 26th will receive full coverage!

For more from ELEAGUE, follow their Twitter account!