Results for @DreamHack Austin 2017!

One of the most amazing LAN experiences for the FGC came to pass in the capital of Texas last weekend. The StreamMe crew had the privilege of attending this event to not only share our streams with the player base, but also to indulge in the excitement brought about by the Smash and Pokken communities as well as the Capcom Pro Tour!

With the weekend now behind us, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the players who overcame many challenging opponents to become the champions of DreamHack Austin 2017!

Street Fighter V Winner: PG Punk

As DreamHack Austin 2017 was also considered a Premier Event for the Capcom Pro Tour, a total of 246 players flocked to the venue to fight for their spot at this year’s Capcom Cup. Eventually, the Grand Finals came down to a vicious bout between GRPT Haitani and Panda Global Punk. It was an absolute horror fest, with both players dropping their game-winning Critical Arts in the final month and having to fish for the last hit afterwards. Punk eventually landed a grab to get the big win, thereby becoming a DOUBLE Premier Event champion for the CPT!

However, because Punk was already qualified for the Capcom Cup, the qualifying spot at DreamHack Austin has been invalidated as a result.

The Capcom Fighters YouTube channel has been incredibly quick with uploading all of the match footage, so you can check it out to catch up on any of the excitement you may have missed. As an appetizer, here is the Grand Finals between Punk and Haitani. Do note that Haitani was initially in Winner’s side when the set started, meaning that Punk had to win two three-of-five sets to pull off his big triumph.

Pokken Tournament Winner: slippingbug

One of the side tournaments at DreamHack Austin was Pokken Tournament, which received a total of $3,000 in pot bonuses from both DreamHack and the EVO team. The bracket saw a total of seventy-two players entering the ring to reach for the cash while improving their standards for the Pokken World Championships. The Top 3 eventually came down to slippingbug, Suicune Master and PG Coach Steve.

Suicune Master eliminated Steve to face slippingbug in Grand Finals. As he came from Loser’s side, he was faced with the daunting task of winning two three-of-five sets against a dangerous player. But try as he might, his Sceptile could not withstand slippingbug’s top-tier Pikachu, who took Grand Finals with a clean 3-0 victory!

Congrats to slippingbug for the win! Sadly, we do not have an archive available to share at this time.

Guilty Gear XrD Revelator Winner: Kid Viper

Guilty Gear XrD Revelator was also featured at DreamHack Austin as one of the brackets supported by the Burst League, a league run by the anime FGC with the goal of sponsoring players for CEOtaku 2017, as well as an invitational bracket to be held afterward. Details on the Burst League can be reviewed here.

About forty-eight players showed up to grab Burst League points and a share of a prize pool (amount unknown). One of the regulars from Stream.Me’s Overdrive Series, Voguekun, made it to the Top 3 where he finished in 3rd place, while Dogura and Kid Viper clashed in an extensive Grand Finals. Dogura displayed an excellent adjustment by edging out Viper 3-2 to reset the bracket, but Viper responded with such ferocity that the second series ran a completely one-sided course in his favor. Congrats to Viper for such a dominant performance!

As a result of Viper’s victory, his position in the Burst League standings will rocket upwards. But as of now, they have yet to be updated with results from DreamHack Austin. Unfortunately, we do not have any footage to share of the Guilty Gear bracket at this time.

Super Smash Bros. 4/Wii-U Winner: TSM ZeRo

Alongside Street Fighter, the Smash franchise has become one of the biggest hits in the fighting game community, so unsurprisingly this is represented by strong turnouts at DreamHack Austin. In the case of the Smash 4 scene, we saw over three-hundred players gathering for the singles bracket to compete for a $10,000 prize pool. Among these competitors was last year’s EVO champion, C9 Ally.

Ally carved a canyon through the Winner’s Bracket, eventually reaching Winner’s Finals where he would be defeated by Echo Fox MKLeo in a close 3-2 match. He tried to recover in Loser’s Finals but was eliminated by his rival TSM ZeRo. With all of the confidence in the world, ZeRo 3-0’ed Leo twice in a row to become DreamHack Austin’s Smash 4 champion! If there was ever a display worthy of the label of “domination,” this was definitely the candidate!

Congratulations to ZeRo for the victory! For a quick glimpse of the hype you might have missed, see these highlights below…

Super Smash Bros. Melee Winner: Liquid Hungrybox

Known for his triumph over Armada at the Mandalay Bay in EVO 2016, Liquid Hungrybox is widely recognized as the best Jigglypuff player in Melee. By reaching Winner’s Finals in the midst of a bracket with over four-hundred competitors, he’s proven why his reputation is warranted. After taking out VGBC ChuDat in Winner’s Finals, he stood poised to claim the greatest share of a $10,000 prize pool.

After defeating C9 Mang0 in Loser’s Semis, MVG FO Mew2King confronted ChuDat for an opportunity to sneak into Grand Finals. ChuDat repelled Mew2King to return to Grand Finals, his mindset a mixture of determination and vengeance. Hungrybox found himself facing down a greater challenge as opposed to their Winner’s Finals set, during which he’d won 3-0. The ChuDat he faced in Grand Finals had evolved tremendously from his last incarnation, pushing HungryBox to his limits and dragging the set out to five games.

However, Hungrybox found an advantage in the fifth game and clung to it. The two played such a passive game that before the crowd knew it, the clock was running out of time. At that point, ChuDat’s only hope was to tie up the stock at two lives apiece to have a chance for a Sudden Death situation, but HungryBox knocked him off the ring to shatter his hopes at such a scenario! With not enough time to hope for a two-stock comeback, ChuDat was left with no choice but to surrender the set to his opponent!

Liquid Hungrybox adds to his championship streak from EVO by becoming DreamHack Austin’s Melee champion! Congratulations to him! For those looking to relive the magic of the Melee Top 8, see the highlights below!

Players looking for a full review of DreamHack Austin’s results can go to their Smash.GG page and scroll through their events.

All in all, DreamHack Austin brought a magical weekend to the worldwide fighting game community! And they are far from finished with their work!

DreamHack’s next event, DreamHack Summer, will take place on June 17-20, 2017 at the Elmia Fair in Jönköping, Sweden. Like with Austin, it will be a Premier Event for this year’s Capcom Pro Tour while also offering pot bonuses for the biggest titles in FGC esports! To learn more about the event, please visit this page at the DreamHack Summer website.

As for the North American scene, DreamHack’s other destinations include Colorado and Atlanta! Stay tuned to this blog for updates on when these events are going down!

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