Results for CPT Online Ranking Events NA 1 and LA 1

Last weekend, two online ranking events for the Capcom Pro Tour ran simultaneously with an Australian Premier Event called Battle Arena Melbourne 9. One bracket ran in part of Latin America whereas the other ran for half of North America. Read on for results!

First up in North America, CYG BST PR Balrog defeats UrbanFlow’s Karin in Winner’s Finals, sending him to Loser’s. Urban attempts to redeem himself in a set with Masta Skillz only to kneel before his M. Bison. But whatever confidence Master Skillz attained was shattered quickly by the hands of PR Balrog, who swept through Grand Finals 3-0 to become the CPT Online Champion for North America’s first ranking event!

Like with the first qualifier in Asia, points are awarded to the Top 16. Minimum points to be earned are one for each player in 13th place and the maximum amount of 160 goes to the winner, which is PR Balrog in this case. See below for the full results.

The North American bracket saw an armada of killers amidst a pool of 248 players. These include Noble Nightmare2450, Alex Myers, Circa LPN, WFX Samurai and so on. Every set was a masterpiece to witness!

For those wanting to catch up, you can check out the full Top 8 for North America’s first online bracket at the Capcom Fighters YouTube page. As a sample, the video below showcases the Grand Finals between PR Balrog and Master Skillz.

The Latin American bracket saw a similar turnout of approximately two-hundred players. Eventually the bracket was reduced to its last eight competitors, all of which battled on stream via the Capcom Fighters page. In the end, RISE MenaRD, GAM Caba and KORPOEX claimed the top three positions in the bracket.

While not exactly convincing, Winner’s Finals reached a 3-1 conclusion in favor of┬áMenaRD, thereby sending KORPOEX into Loser’s Bracket as a result. GAM Caba battled his way back from Loser’s Quarterfinals to take on KORPOEX. The result was a clean 3-0 sweep over KORPOEX, and Caba battled his way back to Grand Finals where he threw MenaRD for a loop with another 3-0 victory! But as he’d made it from the Loser’s Bracket, he was required to repeat his triumph in order to close out the tournament. MenaRD’s adaptation led him to take a game off Caba in the second series, but he ultimately fell to Caba’s Guile once again.

They say you can never throw enough Sonic Booms, but Caba certainly threw enough of them to become the first Latin American champion for the CPT Online series! Congratulations to him for the victory. He will receive 160 ranking points as a result while MenaRD earns 100 and Korpoex pockets 70. See below for the full results.

Once again, the footage for the LA bracket’s Top 8 can be found at the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel. Continue reading to see a clip of the Grand Finals featuring RISE MenaRD (Laura/Birdie) and GAM Caba (Guile).

The next CPT Online ranking event is set for this Saturday. It focuses on Latin America once again, but this time it features a different collection of regions for the second qualifier. Players from the following regions will be eligible to participate:

  • Argentina

If you are at least thirteen years of age and you own Street Fighter V, you too can participate in the CPT Online series! Simply visit their Smash.GG page and search through the brackets to find your region. Each bracket targets different portions of each region, and two brackets will be conducted for each portion.

All Latin American players who live in the regions listed above must visit here in order to sign up for this Saturday’s ranking event. We wish them all the best of luck!

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