Results for @ComboBreakerFGC 2017

With the weekend behind us, we’d like to take a look back at the many outcomes that resulted during Combo Breaker 2017. We hope that everybody who attended enjoyed themselves…we know for a fact that we were pleased with our time there!

Over three-thousand competitors were in attendance at the Mega Center. The majority of games would feature qualifying spots tied to championship events such as the Capcom Cup, Burst League, Curleh Circuit, etc. From our time at Combo Breaker, it’s clear that the amount of love and care the organizers put into this event can be matched by only few others, if any at all. The venue was open all day, all weekend and still had hundreds of players grinding out casuals well into the overnight hours, and it also featured a viewing center where players could catch up on ELEAGUE and Red Bull Kumite.

Speaking of which, if you missed out on the results for ELEAGUE and Red Bull, see these articles below:

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Combo Breaker was also the first event where we held our PopUp Tour (more on that here) to conduct Injustice 2 tournaments using rulesets that introduced unique gameplay elements, such as random select. Our next stop will be CEO 2017 on June 16-18, 2017! If you find a banner with the StreamMe logo on it at the Wyndham Resort next month, that’s us! Feel free to say hi.

Archives for the PopUp Tour at Combo Breaker can be found here.

A series of announcements were also released to the public during Combo Breaker. Included among them are:

Red Hood’s Gameplay Trailer
Eagle’s Teaser Trailer
MvCI Playable at CEO 2017 and E3 2017
Details on Curleh Circuit Finale

Read on for a series of recapsĀ for the Top 8 of each game. Once the finals are available for posting, we’ll update this post. Be advised that not all games will be covered here, but you’re welcome to head over to Combo Breaker’s Smash.GG page for a complete review of the tournament.

Street Fighter V – Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event


1st Place – Liquid Nuckledu
2nd Place – CYG BST Snake Eyez
3rd Place – PIE Smug
4th Place – Brian_F
5th Place Tie – Echo Fox Justin Wong and Sako
7th Place Tie – EG NY ChrisG and Splyce Fchamp

Note: As Liquid Nuckledu has already been guaranteed his spaceĀ in the bracket for Capcom Cup 2017, his victory at Combo Breaker nullifies the qualifying spot.

Injustice 2 – Injustice 2 Pro Series


1st Place – Echo Fox SonicFox
2nd Place – NASR Tekken Master
3rd Place – MF Slayer
4th Place – Circa Forever King
5th Place Tie – Noble Dragon and cR Biohazard
7th Place Tie – PG Hayatei and EMP KN KDZ

Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2 – Burst League Ranking Event


1st Place – Dogura
2nd Place – Xcel BjornSonOfBear
3rd Place – CATPION daymendou
4th Place – dot_Nova
5th Place Tie – FF ElvenShadow and MarlinPie
7th Place Tie – Foo and Fable Kizzie Kay

Note: Footage of Grand Finals is not available, but we will update this post when that changes. For now, here is a look at the first phase of pools.

Tekken 7


1st Place – Echo Fox JDCR
2nd Place – Echo Fox Saint
3rd Place – CO TANUKANA
4th Place – ITS P. Ling
5th Place Tie – Brawlpro and BxA KoDee
7th Place Tie – Weapon X and ITS Cuddle_core

Killer Instinct Season 3 – KI World Cup Qualifier


1st Place – HW Valoraxe
2nd Place – UA Wheels
3rd Place – Xcel Amenty
4th Place – Xcel ThompXcel
5th Place Tie – UA Bass and Circa Nicky
7th Place Tie – Wholio and YungTate

Skullgirls – Skullgirls World Tour Event


1st Place – Echo Fox SonicFox
2nd Place – WingZero
3rd Place – Liam
4th Place – Outlaw_Spike
5th Place Tie – Izapyi and Swiftfox-Dash
7th Place Tie – Fuzzy_Snugs and Cloud

Note: Once again, footage of Grand Finals is not available, so we get a look at Skullgirls pools and an auction bracket instead. Post will be updated.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Curleh Circuit Ranking Event


1st Place – EG NY ChrisG
2nd Place – AHN-GB NotEnoughDamage
3rd Place – Circa Jibrill
4th Place – PG RayRay
5th Place Tie – InC Flux and Joey D
7th Place Tie – Staticalpha and Unkn0wn

Mortal Kombat XL


1st Place – NASR Tekken Master
2nd Place – METHOD SylverRye
3rd Place – Echo Fox SonicFox
4th Place – BxA Burrito Voorhees a.k.a. Forever King Jr.
5th Place Tie – NS DJT and Echo Fox Scar
7th Place Tie – PXP A F0xy Grampa and MF Slayer

Remainder of the results can be seen here.

We’d like to thank everybody responsible for giving us such an amazing event this year! We hope to make a return next year.

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