Results for @2GGaming Greninja Saga – @Cloud9 @C9AlIy is the winner!

The next 2GGC qualifier recently concluded in the Esports Arena last weekend. Out of 350 Smashers, Cloud9’s C9 Ally took the entire event using Nintendo’s iconic plumber, Mario!

As a result of his victory, we’ll be seeing him at the 2GGC Championship’s final destination (see what I did there?!) in December 2017. Players who qualify for the championship will compete for $50,000 in cash prizes at SoCal’s Esports Arena, while $5,000 are distributed across all qualifying events.

Without dropping a single set, Ally strode through a stacked bracket in the SoCal Smash Wii-U community to become the Greninja Saga champion. Congratulations to him for such an astounding performance! Below is a video capturing a series of highlights from the series’s latest saga – give it a look!

Were you unable to catch the broadcast? Fret not – all match videos for the Greninja Saga have been uploaded to the 2GGC YouTube page with the swiftness of a fox. You can check out the Grand Finals between C9 Ally and MSF Larry Lurr and then watch the rest at their channel.

The series will continue with the 2GGC Nairo Saga on June 10th at the Esports Arena! A prize pool of $20,000 will be up for grabs and the event will double as a finale for the summer season. This being the case, circuit points will be doubled and apply to the entirety of Top 32.

If you’re a Smash Wii-U player and you’d like to check out this event, head on over to their page at Smash.GG for details! Registration is currently priced at $30 but will increase to $40 on June 5th.

2GGC is an organization whose goal is to promote the Smash Wii-U scene on behalf of all players, no matter where they reside. For more news on their events, follow this blog and check out their pages!

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