Photo Revealed Of New Renovation For MLG Arena Mainstage

There is renovation and new life coming to the multi-purpose MLG Arena after Activision/Blizzard’s buying of the company.

Located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio (or a little off center), the original setup was launched back in September 2014. Unfortunately for the arena’s size, that is no longer viable. Tournaments for games including Overwatch, Call of Duty, CS:GO, and Halo have very much amped up the eSports world and made the old arena in desperate need  of a makeover.

An image released (above) by MLG’s league ops manager’s, Adam Apicella, official Twitter has revealed, at least, part of the new setup. This also appears to be a new entire overhaul. The mainstage setup mimics what MLG recently had in the Orlando and Anaheim events. All players will have large digital screens in front and behind them as they play, giving the audience much more of the action.

The unveiling is expected soon after the Gears of War 4 Launch Invitational takes place on October 11th. Keep an eye out here for an update on what plans MLG decides to release.


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