Release Dates for Blazblue: Central Fiction PC port and Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2

Hey, anime fighters! Got some release dates that might get your attention!

Enjoying Blazblue: Central Fiction on consoles? Well, how does the idea of playing it on PC sound?!

Via a post released by the ArcSystemWorks Twitter account, an English version of Central Fiction will be available for download on Steam this Wednesday. When the game becomes available, visit its page at the Steam website to download and enjoy the latest entry to the Blazblue franchise!

As of now, the game is currently available to play on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. It also comes with cross-platform features allowing players from both consoles to meet with each other online. We’re expecting a similar feature for the PC version, but details have yet to be released.

Console players looking to try out the game can download it here via the Playstation store.

Additionally, the release date for the Revelator 2 update to Guilty Gear XrD was dropped earlier this month. It will drop in Japan on May 25th while North America and Europe will be getting it the day after. Currently, it will only be available on the Playstation 4 – word on a PC port has yet to be released as Akysys Games is not in charge of that version.

Something that is important to note: the release formula for XrD Revelator 2 mirrors the process used for the Mortal Kombat X game. The update will be available as a physical copy as well as a digital upgrade for those who own the current version of Guilty Gear.

Incidentally, a pre-release build for Revelator 2 will be available at Wednesday Night Fights this week, hosted by our friends over at LevelUpLive! You may want to tune in to their local this week for a pleasant surprise.

Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2 will feature balance and content updates in addition to two new characters: Baiken and Answer. Given its release date, Revelator 2 will be joining its anime sibling, Blazblue: Central Fiction, at the Mandalay Bay as part of the Evolution 2017 lineup!

Fun fact: the final week of our Guilty Gear tournament series, the Overdrive Series, is happening today and tomorrow. Once results are in, we’ll be sending the league winner out to EVO! More details can be found here.

Do you plan to be competitive in Revelator 2 or Blazblue? Or perhaps both? Then you may want to check out the Burst League, a competitive circuit for anime fighters! See the Burst League’s Twitter page for details.

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