Regular registration for CEOtaku 2017 extended until September 13th

In light of the recent disaster caused by Hurricane Irma, Mr. Alex Jebailey has opted to extend the deadline for regular registration at CEOtaku 2017, one of the anime FGC’s keystone events for competitors and fans alike. Players will now have until 12 P.M. Eastern Time this Wednesday to take advantage of the price offered for regular registration, which is valued at $50 plus another fee for each game competitors wish to enter.

Once the deadline passes, the venue fee for CEOtaku will increase to $60. We recommend taking advantage of this window of opportunity while it is open. To register, head to

The event takes place on the weekend of September 23-24 at the Orlando Wyndham Resort in Florida. CEOtaku will feature a vast selection of anime-styled games to be played at a 24-hour ballroom measured at 20,000 square feet. The event’s stream schedule will be determined by the number of entrants for each game.

CEOtaku is considered the end point of the Burst League, a circuit fueled by the anime FGC itself, where players can compete for league points that will ultimately determine who will be flown out to the event to participate in their favorite anime fighting games. Featured titles include King of Fighters XIV, Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2 and Blazblue: Central Fiction. With the conclusion of East Coast Throwdown, the first season of the Burst League came to an end.

According to the standings for the Burst League, the following players hold the highest amount of points in each of the featured games. As such, each of them will be sponsored for a trip to CEOtaku next week.

  • ArcadeShock Reynald; 520 points for King of Fighters XIV
  • Dogura; 1,880 points for Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2
  • PG SKD; 1,611 points for Blazblue: Central Fiction

In addition, these players will be in the running for a post-season championship event called the Anime FGC Invitational. Details on the invitational are expected to be announced as we inch closer to the schedule for CEOtaku.

Also worth noting that Xcel BjornSonofBear, the winner of the second season for our Overdrive Series, will be flown out to CEOtaku by StreamMe to compete in the event.

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